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Sexy Photo Time: The New Wynn High Limit

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd December 2011 1:14pm
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VT ultratipster JakeZ stopped by the brand new Wynn High Limit joint a few days ago to grab some super sexy photos.

Wynn High Limit Slots Roger Thomas

For those who chastise us for posting continual updates on Wynn renovations and redesigns, this is why we do it. With very few exceptions, everything Roger Thomas designs is a masterpiece. There is no designer in the hospitality industry who has an eye as wondrous as his... Roger Thomas truly is a genius of the genre.

This portrait alcove functions in the same manner as a partially unbuttoned blouse, inviting you, tantalizing you, teasing you to press forward, but begging you to take your time.

Side note: I nominate those fixtures for Sconce of The Year.

Wynn High Limit Slots Roger Thomas

The hallway bisects the slot floor and leads to the lotus flower fountain just beyond a wall of non-reflective glass (maybe).

Wynn High Limit Slots Roger Thomas

Still gorgeous.

Wynn High Limit Slots Roger Thomas

Is that a $100 a pull "Top Dollar" machine? I'll go on record as not being a fan of the palm trees. I get it, they work in less than optimal lighting conditions, but they seem a little hokey to me... one step above a ficus?

Wynn High Limit Slots Roger Thomas

A small players lounge is tucked away in the corner and flooded with natural light. Fixtures include sexy lamps and a number of tables and chairs from the Roger Thomas collection. Pantone perfection from carpet to ceiling. Wow.

Jake pointed out in his email that came with the photos that the design language was similar to Encore Tower Suites lobby. This is a very astute observation and one which bears out an idea I've had about how different design signals act as ambient signifiers for different types of guest experience. Here, the "green" tells guests tailored for the "green experience" - high rollers - where they will get the type of service they require. This kind of design only works when the language is created and curated by a singular entity - Roger Thomas and his studio of designers. Hiring XYZ design firm to come in and redo a room without giving any regard to the larger design language (see La Cave) may be cost effective but it usually creates a structural design dissonance that affects all guests subconsciously.

Sorry about the delay in posting these, our tips@vt email box appears to have overflowed....

Thanks Jake!

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Comments & Discussion:

Wow. This looks great. If this is any indication of future changes to the property, I like the direction they are going. Brings a lot more to the whole blending of indoor and outdoor space..

I'll go on record and say that I like the palm trees... I can't really imagine the room without them. I think it adds some depth without overloading the place with those big tacky jumbo screens.

Can't wait to see the Tower Suite Lobby/Cafe/Lounge changes.

Some very odd game selections for a high limit area. The aforementioned Top Dollar. Keno. Spin Poker. Hmm.

As for Rog Thom, I dig most of what he does, but those chest of drawers with the rock candy / driveway salt drawer pulls are downright silly.

Gotta agree with Steve re: the palms. Organic "greenery" gives it a nice accent and freshness coupled with the natural light.
Quite a difference and upgrade from the previous large closet that was the HL slots.
Really, really makes me eager to see the finished TS product. Couple more weeks.

I like the greens, just not those greens.

I love the term "Pantone perfection." Will try and use it as much as possible from this moment on.

High rollers must feel more comfortable with old, old games. The Barcrest/IGT Pinball and Top Dollar machines have to be at least 12-15 years old. They're also popular in Bellagio's high limit room.

I love Roger Thomas, but I have to say that this is his ugliest work. There's way too much green in the decor. The seating area looks just like Bellagio's new 'conservatory' rooms. I much prefer the older design to this.

You're welcome! And I'm glad you find my observations astute!

"Pantone perfection" is incredible. You're brilliant.

The waffle ceiling is hard on the eyes.

bitches love waffles.

The sconces are sultry.The palms over the slots looks like Margaritaville.I like the hallway ending up at the fountain.Nothing like it in any Casino.

This reminds me of that Travel Chanel Vegas Secrets thing about how casinos never ever use green.

I like the trees in a Mirage sort of way, but the home entertainment area looks like a furniture store showroom in the colors of the Fresh & Easy grocery chain.

If I were going to drown in a fountain, I'd want it to be that fountain.

I like the green.

A refreshing change from all the goddamn red.

This looks so much more open and serene than Encore Macau (which has an "intimacy" bordering on claustrophobia).

The walkway leading to the fountain is great (though I could see this being converted to a wedding chapel some day). The rest of this space feels like something people will see in 20 years and say, "Yep that's definitely from 2010" similar to how we looked at the old Mirage or Bellagio decor. So much of RT's designs transcend a time period but this is one far from being a winner in my book.

Does that patch of trees encircling that fountain even hint that there's a valet behind there? Man, that's good landscaping. I'm Mexican and we appreciate the hell out of such good work. I just want to put this whole room on my dick.

Side note: is anybody else surprised no one has complained about that players lounge by saying, "ANOTHER lounge at Wynn?" Yes, that was funny to me. Ho ho ho.

I like all the natural light..if I have any kind of bankroll during the 2012 first quarter trip, I may look at the video poker and pull out my Red Card..just really looks good, compared to all the dark wood they had in the original space..

Nice, cannot wait to see the selection of high limit slots they have in Jan.

As I said with the Octavian Towe, the lime green should have been left in the 70's. Those couches look like they should be in my grandmothers basement.

Also I understand the use of the latice ceiling as it is used through-out the propety, but after Wynn, Encore, and their counterparts in Macau, it is getting to be a tired look.

That being said the latice structure of the carpet is nice as the red complements the cream nicely and it ties in with the ceiling. But then the green in the carpet makes it look like mucus and phlem on a used tissue.

I supposed that window frame-age at the back of the room is what we can expect from the new WTS.

This is a welcome change for the better after a year of downer news from Wynn. I like the natural light a ton.

Count me in as a fan of the green, I wouldn't put that color anywhere in my house, but I especially like the players lounge, that carpet makes the room.

That first picture reminds me of the Mandalay Bay high limit area, only it's not in the middle of the casino floor.

Love the hallway to the lotus fountain, but I also agree that the lounge seems out of place.

I think this is going to have to be something that I see in person to get a true opinion on it.

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