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M Life Just Deleted Your Tier Credits, Sorry

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th January 2012 4:33pm
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The incompetent nincompoops in charge of M Life - the very same bozos who brought you "City Center" - can't get their pride and joy M Life website to work properly according to about a hundred of you who have been emailing us.

Inquires thereto reveal that they may have deleted your Tier Credits and strongly value your patronage.

Anybody got a New Years Resolution?

Thanks to you know who for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Seems that I've lost 2500 points...an MLife rep tells me that on 12/24 that the "system redeemed these points"...this is only a portion of my points so the "system" must've purged a specific date range.

I'm completely purged. But if you have an iOS device, you can see them through accessing your account through the MLife app.

At least until that goes belly up too.

I just checked now, and the credits show up just fine. I had happened to check this morning, though, and everything was gone; I'd made a note to call them and was getting ready to do that until I saw this and decided to check again.

Mine were gone on MLife.com for the last couple days, but they've since been restored. This has happened with my account once or twice before and it's always been fixed within a few days, without my intervention.

Not the first time this has happened, the tier credits fail to show up all the time...happened back in October on and off, too. I've also had credits go mysteriously missing, I've had offers show up that I couldn't access, I've had offers fail to show up, and I've even had discount offers show up as comps on the rate calendar.

That said, I have to give them some credit - with respect to the last point I mentioned, I had an Aria offer for $99 midweek $159 weekend...that showed up on the calendar as "comp", and which I booked online as "comp" without a charge. After sending on screenshots to the Aria VIP team, they are honoring the comps - and this is for March Madness Sweet 16 weekend!

So, thumbs up Mlife and MGM and Aria!

I noticed this last week and I was very disappointed. I was going to make a point to call someone, but I forgot.
I just checked and I had at least 20,000 pts. taken from my account and I am not very pleased.

So, do they really have the picture of Murren Murrening at the bottom of their e-mails?

^ what he said.

Over 400,000 tier credits of mine are still missing as of January 7. Ugg.

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