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I Heard You Missed Us...

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th February 2012 11:35am
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Hello friends. As you may have noticed, VT has been silent lately (not counting the chaos on The Board... WTH???). We didn't abandon ship, we moved it.

In October, the landlord told us that she was under water on her loan of the joint we were renting and that we had to skedaddle before it went into short sale/foreclosure. As you might expect, having the rug yanked out of a perfectly comfortable situation caused a great deal of uncertainty in our lives and a cubic metric shit ton of stress.

With the help of a great real estate agent we searched high and low for a suitable abode to call home and trudging through the intensely agonizing process of signing, scanning and faxing thousands of documents while under a deadline to "get the hell outta Dodge." Sound familiar?

We've been in the new joint for just over a week swashbuckling through a wide swath of cardboard, doing battle with corner cutting plumb and nearly electrocuting myself while vacuuming the pool.

Yesterday, in a five hour firework display of cable dropping prowess, a representative from the local telecom giant managed to light up the internet connection, providing me a boost back into the VT saddle.

We've got lots of good stuff coming to reward your incredible patience.... after I'm done painting the kitchen, snaking the toilet and fixing the garage door.

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Comments & Discussion:

Welcome back!

I've got my pencil. Gimme something to write on!

Your new place has a pool? Don't be going all Hollywood on us Chuck..... ;)

I was wondering what was going on , Glad your BACK!!

Congrats on getting settled, enjoy the new place!

Yay! Hollywood Chuck? Ha.

welcome back Chuck i hope you enjoying your new place

This is brilliant news, looking forward to the new stuff, welcome back.

Welcome back!

"a representative from the local telecom giant managed to light up the internet connection"

Did you get FIOS?

Welcome Back, you were noticeably missed!

Chuck is Back Baby !

Welcome back!! I happened to book a trip for April 12-16 at the Cosmo and have been going NUTS checking this board for updates. Good news is i've read just about all the features by now. So i got that going for me....which is nice.

Welcome back, Chuck!! Congrats on the new pad.

Need help sorting out your pool,let me know.

Glad you've landed Chuck. My better half accepted a job in LV that started this week. Spent the prior week rental househunting - what a pain in the butt. Signed a lease the fourth day, utilities day six, 'some' new furniture arrives this Saturday. Sounds like you had a similar week and I understand the race you have just run, but yours came with a pool. And yea, I returned to Dallas and the dogs for who knows how long. Gotta sell here before I come out to LV. Hope you enjoy your new digs.

Glad you're back- you know, all this time you always had tons of decor, move in and Staging help at your disposal!

At least your landlord was good enough to let you know- our last slumlord denied his foreclosure right up to the final month. Surprisingly enough, it was B of A that sent us letters to let us know we needed to look elsewhere. He was going to let us get blindsided when they came to board up the house!

I have the same shit dpo went through. My last landlord stole the last 6 or more rent check I sent him, let the plac get forclosed on and then the forclosure assfucks never bothered to tell me when they were showing up till the day they tried to throw my stuff on the street. I barely managed to get three days to pack up. One of the few times I've been glad I was unemployed.

Planing to hit up the Metallica festival out here in Atlantic City, Chuck and Co.?

Welcome back Chuck!

Glad you're back! Thought you might've been on a deep undercover mission to Wynn Macau, sorry it wasn't!

Good to hear from ya...Thought maybe you found some really good hooch and a pretty partner and, no, wait, that was MY 1998! Kinda seems like folks would be beggin' new renters to sign up, not causing resistance and difficulty. Best of luck in your endeavors and we await shocking and awesome insider blurbs from you in the near future. Peace.

When Hunter called you a "retired blogger" on a VG show, I thought maybe he wasn't kidding for a while. Nice to see you back.

As someone who rents, I feel your pain. The story of renting and then getting tossed due to foreclosure is common.

You should have moved 250 miles up the I-15. Ditched that pesky CA income tax and housing prices. I figure you have good reasons for staying in CA but if you ever get the opportunity to move on up the road, go for it. You get to "do Vegas" whenever you crave it but without all the packing and traveling.

Welcome back Chuck! Best of luck to you and the Mrs. in your new place!

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