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Cosmopolitan Gets Their Shoes Fixed And More

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd April 2012 4:37pm
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The Cosmopolitan has shipped the shoes out for rejuv. Must be a slow news day at the Pulitzer Prize-winning Las Vegas Sun. Or, they find it appealing by acting like doofuses us and still getting to call themselves journalists. And to think they didn't make a joke about the only cobbler who can do the repairs is 75 feet tall.

The real story isn't "what happened to the shoes" but actually "why can't we have nice stuff?" The Las Vegas Weekly piece linked by the Sun piece blames tourists. We're such an obvious scourge on the town, it is a true wonder that we haven't been banished to Reno or some shit.

The shoes are only one part of the story. Within the first week of opening the steampunk ray gun thing was broken by some kid. We told you not to bring your kids to Vegas.

This thing - the other half of the raygun piece - broke too and both were removed for repair.

The steampunk owl vanished. Or it moved who knows where.

The Pez dispensers piece was also removed, thanks to a bunch of damn tourists taking some as souvenirs.

The quartet of dogs moved numerous times before they finally put a sign up that admonished visitors not to climb on them. Not that drunks can read. Or follow directions.

And these things... "the red hands of death" lasted about a month before they got the glass case treatment. So much for the "Come Play With Me" invitation.

The art at the Cosmopolitan, at least on opening day, captured the zeitgeist of the property - a pastiche of mature intrigue built with playful materials. Their art collection was instantly shareable, creating perfect social starting points for millions of miniature conversations and interactive without relying on a network connection. We all know the shoes, the hands, the dogs, the pez... we've touched them, we've taken photos in, on and around them. Unfortunately, some of them have been loved to virtual death by dent or damage. How different is this from Steve Wynn putting his elbow through a Picasso? At the Cosmopolitan, we're all Steve Wynn.

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Comments & Discussion:

Steampunk shit is so neat. I love it. WHen we were there we didn't see any PEZ dispensers and only saw the shoe. It sucks that people can't just leave shit alone. Just leave it!

They should just borrow a pair of Paris Hulton's pumps. They're the same size.

The article demonstrates a pet peeve of mine. Invite a bunch of people over, knowing they are a rowdy, touchy, playful crowd and expect them to act as you see fit. How about build your shit to suit the way it will be used?

This kind of art, in that kind of setting, with their kind of clientele begs for interaction. We can play with it, climb on it, pose with it, and eventually it will get worn. The problem isn't that the stuff gets damaged, it's that we think this is the Louvre and don't really have a plan to deal with it. Like haveing a collection large enough to rotate it out while old peices are touched up or just to provide a fresh look. (There's plenty of storage space available next door at Veer...)

I would advise the artists contracted for this stuff be encouraged to build it sturdy. It can be done. Ever been to a children's museaum? There is all kinds of cool stuff that is floor tested by absolute professionals of destruction. Drunks have nothing on a band of 7 year olds.

Now that Cosmopolitan knows the nature of the beast, it will be interesting to see how they respond. Will they dress appropriatly for a safari or will they cage up the lions for display in a zoo?

I have to give credit to the shoe guy. He seems honored, not offended by the response to the shoes, and I do like how Cosmo has offered them to the public. It's the Las Vegas Weekly peice that makes me want to puke.

I was just at the Cosmopolitan for 5 days and walked past that raygun thing several times daily and never realized you could look into it. Doh.

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