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VegasEats: Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 31st May 2012 2:37pm
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I'm a big fan of pan-Asian cuisine... you know the type, take all the Asian cuisines, throw em in a pan and voila! Dinner is served. I'm surprised nobody has decided to invent a Pan-Mediterranean cuisine yet.... taking Italian, Greek, German and Moroccan and tossing that in a pot. Lamb schnitzel gyro parmesiana! Ich Ein Abbondanza!

Mandalay Bay has a non-descript Noodle Shop which serves pan-Asian cuisine that matches the original Asian tropics theme. I stopped there one evening for a meal, mostly because it was the only thing open in the vicinity that wasn't super pretentious and super expensive.

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop Review

Based on VT reader Halton's suggestion, I started with the hot and sour soup which was certainly hot, but not nearly sour enough. A real hot and sour soup should make your eyebrows furrow and nasal passages tingle. A touch of salt perked up the flavors just enough to let the sourness shine through the almost gelatinous broth.

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop Review

Next came the Moo Shoo Duck, a very tasty affair, particularly when smothered and wrapped.

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop Review

One problem was that the pancakes were cracked... defeating the purpose of the wrap altogether. Granted, every Moo Shoo should have structural problems, but starting out with a hole in the boat isn't helpful. Perhaps serving these flat and not folded would eliminate this issue.

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop Review

Finally came Kung Pao Chicken, with a plate of whole peanuts on the side. Shouldn't these be cooked into the dish? at least a little? and not served as a garnish? The Kung Pao was, as requested, quite spicy but erred on the side of sweetness instead of zinging acidic richness as you'd expect at any true Chinese joint. Resort food.

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop Review

The bill came out to $36.21. I ordered way too much and most of it went into the trash. I'm not so sure I'd go back here. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great.

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Comments & Discussion:

You know, I think you may be onto something here with the Italian/Greek/German/Moroccan fusion idea. Maybe a kebab with a side of Spätzle/gnocchi.

Should of tried there Pho or Ramen. Having been stationed over in Asia for 5 years in the past the main reason why theres a Noddle shop/restaurant in all the resorts is to cater to the asians. Noodle Shops in Japan are as common as Mcdonalds there. Real Raman is a site to behold. Americans eat hot dogs at the baseball games Japs eat Ramen.

@rhap funny you point out that i went there and didn't eat any noodles. what kind of a doofus am i? a big one. probably didn't order ramen because i was eating it every day living in little tokyo in downtown L.A.. still. how dumb am i?

You can get a Kabob with Spatzle. There's a huge Turkish population in Germany. Now, how Germany got lumped into pan-mediteranean I don't know, or are we going for circa-1943 here?

@chuck at least you know what good ramen is man. So many think its the 20 cent packet at the store. Used to love New Years in Japan most of the Raman houses had 50 yen bowls of it!

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