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Four Queens' FOOSE Mustang Jackpot!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th June 2012 2:55pm
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Last week, I gave up the ghost that BBQ Pitmasters is one of my favorite TV shows. This week, I chase that ghost out of town by admitting that prior to BBQ Pitmasters I was obsessed with a show called Overhaulin'. The premise was simple, a team of hot rod designers would steal an under loved classic car from an unsuspecting rube and return it to them cherried to the max by uber designer Chip Foose. Hijinks. Hilarity. Powder coating.

The show ran for three or so seasons and I've watched every single episode. Three times. In one episode close to my heart, Foose & Co. hot rodded a pre 1967 VW split window Bus. Chip, if you're reading this, I've got a '71 camper van sitting in the driveway waiting for your magic touch.

Anyways, imagine my surprise when walking by the Four Queens the other day to see that they were giving away a new model Mustang, spiffed and chromed by the very same Chip Foose. Neato! Being a drunk and a fan of Foose (or any great designer of anything for that matter) I took a bunch of blurry photos.

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

FOOSE Mustang Jackpot Four Queens

It seems to me that casinos have curtailed the "park a car on the casino floor surrounded by slot machines" as a promotion. Ten years ago, every mid-tier and lower casino from coast to coast had a car or two in them offered up as a jackpot.

Now, if only Four Queens' owners TLC Inc would do a little overhaulin' to that Binions hotel they own across the street.

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Comments & Discussion:

They've had this sort of thing going on for quite a while now, as I do remember seeing it during my Downtown stays in March and June of last year (I didn't venture into the Four Queens during my couple of hours on Fremont Street back in December.).

Cosmo had someone win a Tesla roadster not too many months ago via a similar slot machine.

My first trip to Vegas was a couple of weeks after my car got totaled on the way out of the street my job at the time was at and I think I played the car jackpot slots at several places hoping to win me a new car (Completely oblivious to the fact that the likeliest outcome if I won would have been selling the car to pay the taxes and buying a car with the remaining money.).

Binion's would love to move forward on the room remodel. They've already designed them (think black, red, stripes, and perhaps the most unique hotel room doors in Las Vegas if they implement the full design). However, with the Fitz remodel and Lady Luck possibly moving along, they are wise to hold off for a while. How many new, higher priced rooms can downtown absorb in the next year?

Putting Velvet Margarita into the former coffee shop space was almost a done deal. However, the union bartenders made a huge stink about the VM bartenders being new hires and non-union. So for now, "Big Daddy" Carlos (Hollywood VM owner) is looking to do something with the old Metro building that sits across from ElCo (a move that has been in the works for over a year, but now looking to take shape).

I'm not sure downtown is yet the place for a Velvet Margarita (and I'm irritated at the thought of losing the historic coffee shop). But I confess I haven't been to the Hollywood location. Be interesting to get an L.A. opinion on that.

In the meantime, Binion's Friday night rooftop pool parties (9 PM all summer, free, drink specials) are an interesting experiment. Possibly a "dipping the toes in the water" so see how the DJ scene would play out at the property.

Ted, I wouldn't necessarily believe they are going to see high priced downtown rooms, when the Plaza after remodels is still going for $50-60 a night on weekends. GN still seems to be the only one that can maintain a premium downtown.

I seem to recall seeing this same Mustang offered at FQ for about 3 years' now. Same with the Vettes at Fitz (the D) and Sahara (RIP) They get 'won' now and then, but usually the player opts for the cash award since they can't come up with the sales tax due prior to getting the cars.

A guy from Nebraska just won it on Feb 14th... we were there!

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