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Up Close With The The Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 19th June 2012 2:04pm
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Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Legendary designer Roger Thomas, the man responsible for nearly everything you love about Wynn & Encore and the man whose lasting vision can still be seen throughout Bellagio, Mirage, Treasure Island and Golden Nugget has channeled his font of creativity towards a new endeavor - micro mosaic jewelry. His debut line, forged by SICIS, the very same Italian artisans who are responsible for the incredible floor tile mosaics through Wynn & Encore, is now being shown at Wynn & Company in the Wynn Esplanade.

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

There are approximately 24 pieces in the collection, most of which are available for viewing inside of Wynn & Company, where they don't allow photographs. Fortunately for us there are a handful of pieces in the window displays which are fair game for shutterbugs and drooling RogThom fetishists.

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

The impetus of the collection is "micro mosaics" taking the tiniest shards of materials and arranging them delicately into pristinely organized works of inlay art. One can only guess that each piece contains thousands of pieces of material that make up each mosaic.

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Look at the amazing detail on this bracelet.

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

This larger piece, a necklace, even incorporates a signature Roger Thomas flourish - a tassel!

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Could it possibly be that we are looking at future echoes of Roger's new design language for Wynn Cotai?

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

A ring of feather... perhaps part of the Fenghuang, or 'rooster of virtue.'

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Perhaps my favorite pieces of the collection is a series of Cubist-meets-Kraftwerk designs that can be viewed on the SICIS website as well as inside of the store. These elegant, retro-modernist designs feature exciting angles and a painters eye for color and shading and depth. Wow.

Now, if I only had $10k+ enhance the incredible radiance of my incredibly deserving wife.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm sure someone on Etsy has already got items similar this at much lower prices.....

It's an amazing collection.

Absolutely Hideous

Grandma jewelry at its worst

Jewelry boner.

I like the uber-intricate-micro details. But taken as a whole, the pieces seem a bit dated.

"Inspired by my travels to the state-managed rest areas along the route from California to Nevada, this necklace channels the wondrous élan of the indigenous Native Americans who sell their turquoise-tinged wares in the forecourts of the restrooms. I love the way they flicker in the light."

Agreed with most of the above comments...

Most of this work looks like a bad piece worn in a Sheena Easton video. The construction method's are interesting, and I respect the level of work that goes into each piece.

As time goes on, I keep feeling like ol 'Rog peaked at the Mirage, or in furnishing his house in Architectural Digest (Though I doubt he cares much about my thoughts.)

The last piece looks like a medal that some third world despot would have on their uniform.

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