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Wynn Renames Botero, Brotero

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th July 2012 11:42pm
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Tonight, Wynn Las Vegas launched their new "Supper Club Done Sexy" promotion aimed at getting douchebags and the chicks who love them to do more at the resort besides clog the hallways while queueing up to get into their night clubs.

The thought is to get the bros to show up early and have a nice civilized dinner right next to XS before all that overpriced vodka and Red Bull froths them up into a certified testosterone frenzy.

Add some poorly executed social media marketing and you've got a potentially epic caption contest just waiting to happen.

Here we go folks, caption Wynn nightlife guru Jesse C. Waits (the third zombie from the left) and his bros as they snack on some grub before hitting XS for the hottest night of fist banging since, uh... earlier that afternoon, in the suite, in the shower, while the other seven bros were catching a power nap after doing push ups by the pool at the Beach Club, brah.


I'll go first...

Dude, they should turn this place into a topless tapas joint, then we'd all get to take our shirts off!!

Huge thanks to @Misnoper for leading the charge on this one on the Twitter.

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Comments & Discussion:

"I mean, seriously, bro - how fucking good was 'Magic Mike'?"

"The thought is to get the bros to show up early and have a nice civilized dinner right next to XS before all that overpriced vodka and Red Bull froths them up into a certified testosterone frenzy."

The presumption being that the bros are interested in civilized dinner in the first place.

That said, a topless tapas joint? That's actually a good idea, and if it were executed tastefully (yes, it is quite possible to do so), I'd check such a place out. However, I wouldn't place one of those at Wynncore.


Hey Bro, did you set the DVR for Jersey Shore ?

Hey where is Zach Ryder?

Bloke on the left is definitely giving a handjob to the cnut in the denim shirt and gay hat.

But seriously, if I was going for a civilised dinner at Botero and the place was full of twats like this, I would be running to Sinatra quicker than you can say douche...

I can smell the Axe from here......

Looks like a New Kids and Backstreet Boys reunion.

"Thanks for coming Jesse, they said there was no way in hell they are letting the seven of us into the club without bringing any women"

I would caption, but can anything really beat this compilation?


So sad to see Roger Thomas' beautiful design trampled on by douchebags.

I CANNOT believe they're trying to make more money at Botero! Fucking assholes.

The Wynn Dining magazine (July edition) has Steve talking about this; that there's already a good number of people that stop by Botero on their way to XS, and they want to do the same thing with whatever-replaces-Switch and Surrender.

At least they're following the one fedora per group rule.

"Dude...why did you three not wear the obligatory black tee shirt, like we discussed? Although that jean shirt and fake fedora are pretty fly, Ricky."

" Dude! Where did Cy go with that ounce of blow?"

I thought I saw an electronic billboard advertising a club night at Botero but I laughed it off as a mistake. I guess I was very wrong.

But after dining next to a guy in an atari T-shirt and someone with a muscle T and a douchelid at Scarpetta last night, is anywhere really safe anymore?


".................we're not gay"

"We are warewolves just like in True Blood. See our eyes glow..."

And would you gentlemen like your Summer's Eve Still, Sparkling, or Bottled?

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