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New Imperial Palace Name The Quad Wins

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 27th August 2012 5:52pm
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For those not following The Board, it appears that "The Quad" is going to be the new name for the Imperial Palace. A check of the whois for QuadLV.com reveals that the domain was purchased by Caesars Entertainment three weeks ago.


Caesars License Company, LLC
One Caesars Palace Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Domain Name: QUADLV.COM

Administrative Contact:
Caesars License Company, LLC caesarsdomains@caesars.com
One Caesars Palace Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Technical Contact:
Network Solutions, LLC. customerservice@networksolutions.com
13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620

Record expires on 07-Aug-2014.
Record created on 07-Aug-2012.
Database last updated on 27-Aug-2012 14:18:25 EDT.
Domain servers in listed order:


Additionally, the chap who runs Caesars' Vegas blog tweeted to us:

Brand says 2-3 weeks before it's announced. We'll see how that pans out.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that "Brand" means "someone in charge of something at IP." I could be wrong, although I'm 100% convinced it isn't Russell.

So, now we know. Take the Ace to the Deuce, pick up the triplets and stop off at the QUAD.

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Comments & Discussion:

Was just listening to Vegas Gang podcast discussing Dr. Dave's article and thoughts, it was done before the Quad and 3535 were put out there as potentials, but still 5 better names on that list. Was at least hoping for 3535.

Can't wait to go there and play some flippy cup, maybe a couple beer bongs, and then try to get in the pants of some drunk freshman girls...sing some Glory Days...oh wait...its still going to be a casino hotel?...damn...

It's probably worth noting that 3535lv.com was also registered by them at the same time.



I want the franchise for the 'I tore it up at the Quad' t-shirts

Well, it's not like I was ever going to stay there anyway, but I gotta say the recession-era hotel naming has been pretty lame. M, The D, LVH, The Linq, The Quad...is this supposed to be the new cool? Are they all trying to out-douche "Vdara?"

I've mentioned before that my test for whether a name is dumb is whether I'd feel comfortable saying it to the guy at the cab stand.

"Where you headed?"
"Uh, The Quad."

Nope. Quad fails.

3535 is at least a bit better. Heck, Carnival is better.

The phonetics are a little too gutteral for me. A negative word in my opinion.I liked the vision of the Imperial Palace. Too bad the name didn't fit the Hotel.They can keep the name in mothballs for 30 years until a Cotai style Hotel/Casino is built on the Strip.

I'm still just kinda flabbergasted- they spend who know how much money buying one of the worlds' most famous gaming brand name (Horseshoe) and do absolutely nothing with it??? I really question the 'brains' employed by Caesars sometimes. Were they REALLY only interested in just the WSOP??

@twofours Caesars doesn't own the Imperial Palace name. When they bought the property in 2006, they were licensed the name by the former owners as originally the property was only going to be open for a few years at most (Originally Harrah's had some big plans to completely redo that part of The Strip and had bought a lot of land behind their Strip properties.). The Imperial Palace name and associated trademarks are now owned by Boyd Gaming, as they bought the company that owned the Imperial Palace in Mississippi (After the Las Vegas property was sold, they rebranded the property as the I.P.), including the rights to the name and trademarks.

Surprised they'd go with Quad since that basically means 4 and that number is perceived to be unlucky by a large enough Vegas demographic that many properties avoid using the number when labeling the levels of their properties.

"The Quad" is about as bad a name as I can think of for a casino right in the middle of the Strip. I agree with earlier post...feels like I'm heading to a keg party at the Alpha Zeta house. I would have more respect for sad names like "Skippys" or "Shamma Lamma Ding Dong"

Sorry...but is it clear that we know this? The same information comes up for 3535, as DenverGambler points out. Or is there some other bit of evidence?

@Drake: Here's my list of the worst Strip hotel names...

Vdara (Can I buy some vowels? Or a name that survives a focus group?)
THE Hotel (You still have to explain it's at Mandalay Bay. Oh, and RIP.)
Quad/THEQuad (For all the reasons already mentioned and many more)
Circus Circus (I guess "Circus Circus Circus" is too many circuses)
3535 (Is this a restaurant or a hotel? Also, WAY too many syllables)
Wynn (Yeah, he BUILT the Strip, but there's a casino called "Win"? Really?)
Anything with "Vacation" in the name. I'm looking at you, timeshares.
Corporate names (MGM, Bally's, Hooters, Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock, etc.)
Bill's (Who *is* Bill?)

I miss names like Desert Inn and Stardust, but have Excalibur and Bellagio instead.

@dpo13: Horseshoe Las Vegas. You NAILED it. I wish I had thought of that.

It's one of CET's more upscale brands and would entice folks already familiar with the Chicago/Ohio/Mississippi/other Horseshoe casinos to head to the Strip.

And calling it the Horseshoe would restore one of the great casino names to Vegas (even without the "Binion's," if there are any licensing or legal issues).

Aside from (any) legal issues, the only other concern would be whether a design firm could make the Imperial Palace upscale enough to meet the Horseshoe's standards.

Caesars Entertainment has positioned the Horseshoe brand as one of their higher end properties and there was no way they would put it on the Imperial Palace since it is going to remained positioned as a value property at the bottom of the ladder in Las Vegas. This has been discussed here quite a bit ever since the Linq was offically announced. Caesars Entertainment owns the rights to the Horseshoe name, so there would not be any licensing or legal issues with using the name in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada.

Caesars will eventually put the Horseshoe name on the Strip by way of a redevelopment of Bally's. This was originally rumored about 6-7 years ago prior to the economy going south back when they had grand plans for the Harrah's to Bally's part of their collection. The Imperial Palace was originally supposed to be around for no more than a few years after Harrah's Entertainment purchased it as their grand plans at the time would have seen it torn down in order to expand Harrah's and the Flamingo onto the IP's footprint. Things changed and the company has shifted those original plans and the land that they acquired has new designs since the condo market is so bad out there. What was originally supposed to have been condo towers will now be the site of the High Roller observation wheel and a new arena (provided they can get the necessary funding via taxes aproved).

The ideal Vegas casino name is out there and nobody owns the trademarks for them, The Mint.

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