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VT on Japanese TV

By MikeE on Thursday, 6th September 2012 11:41am
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Yeah, I know. I promised I'd shut up about it, but this whole Prince Harry thing has grown a life of its own. Yes, after my nearly-two-year-old video tour of the now infamous Encore Duplex Apartment doubled its viewer count in less than a week, I've received a flurry of messages to my YouTube account. Some girls said I was "cute" based off mere seconds of mirror reflections (trust me, I am), more than once I was called a "rich asshole," one guy told me that "nobody gives a shit about the wall coverings," countless others have asked what I do for a living, and still others asked questions that made absolutely no sense at all.

But the one message that stood out was a request to use our video on Japanese TV. So here it is, VegasTripping as featured on the "Wide Scramble" news program airing on the very appropriately titled TV Asahi (mmmm...)

Anybody care to translate?

VT on Japan TV

VT on Japan TV

VT on Japan TV

VT on Japan TV

VT on Japan TV

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Comments & Discussion:

the look on the guys face in the last screengrab is pretty greasy.

Blurred out nakey time pics in Encore rooms is the new Murrening. And you're cute as fuck.


Ugh. Dave Specter. That character really rubs me the wrong way. But oh well, he's in television...

Will followup with some translation.

My Japanese is not that great, but here goes...

The header in the upper right reads something like, "Ongoing Coverage - Leak of All-Nude Photos, (British Flag) Prince!"

Below that, "Detailed footage of the interior of the gorgeous hotel suite."

Down at the bottom right, "Footage provided by: Specter Communications, Vegastripping.com". (Yes, because of course the greased-back blonde who asked you for permission to use your footage should get first billing.)

Big letters across the first panel is "Ultra High Class" (referring to the suite.)

In panel three, the subheader at top left changes to "Interior footage of the 630,000yen/night suite." ($5000/night.) Text on the left, above Dave Specter's face, is "hotel suite where the all-nude photos of prince Harry were taken."

Same text in panels 4 and 5.

Dave Specter is a TV "talent", who mostly goes on gossip-y shows here and brings "news from America" with celebrity gossip and photos from TMZ and similar places, which normal Japanese people may not be reading so they may have missed out on such critical new information.

i'm guessing a lot of the text says something along the lines of "super happy sunshine prince has happy fun rainbow time in las vegas! Details to follow after Mobile Suit Gundam."

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