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VegasEats: The Buffet at Wynn

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 10th September 2012 1:35pm
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Vegas Eats Wynn Buffet

In the true spirit of a buffet, I've written six introductory paragraphs to this VegasEats review... choose your own, or eat them all as the choice is yours.

1. The Wynn Buffet: the luxurious standard for gut busting gluttony. For a mere $100, and precision timing, you can feed breakfast and lunch to a family of five for a shade over $100 bucks. The key is to arrive about 30 minutes before the switchover to lunch... you'll get in at the lower price and be knee deep in feedbag as the offerings change from starchy breakfast to protein packed lunch.

2. We took our guests visiting from the UK to the Wynn Buffet to give them a top tier taste of the once greatest, but still great Las Vegas buffet. Despite our cheerleading and leading by example, the Brits just couldn't grasp the concept of "eating till you puke, then packing in a little more on top of that." They did manage to break character at the dessert counter, where they proved that you can have pudding without eating your meat. Lots of it.

3. 所以我们去的永利自助餐。我们付钱给他们的钱,他们煮熟的食物,我们吃。这主要是美味的鱼蛋糕和一些其他菜除外。我试着吃快餐,这样我就可以回到赌桌。今天是一个红色的内衣日

4. If you think about it, the Vegas Buffet has more in common with Tapas than most Las Vegas Tapas restaurants do. For a pro foodie, the taste is the thing, not the mass. Somehow, somewhere, the buffet became synonymous with gluttony and not variety. The new Vegas buffets, as signified by the Wynn Buffet, M Resorts Studio B buffet, the Cosmopolitan's Wicked Spoon are more about presenting the guest with a universe of flavors, a 200 dish prix fixe tapas menu to taste and experience. Or you can load your plate with 3lbs of greasy bacon, a slice of pepperoni pizza and two cupcakes. The choice is yours.

5. I used to think that I had the Vegas buffets beat, now I know that I do. As you'll see from the following photos, I blew it, but I've got a game plan for the next time I do battle with the buffet. The experts tell you not to load up on carbs... anything made from flour, wheat or rice - pancakes, toast, bagels, waffles, pastries, noodles and sushi. I declare those notions to be nonsense... the key to successfully beating the house is to refrain from loading up on anything. Instead, grab a spoonful of everything and go back for at least 10 trips.

6. The best value in Las Vegas - in these days when the generic food options are all being replaced by celebrity chefs of questionable, yet expensive, provenance - is, by far, the lowly all you can eat buffet. $20 bucks gets you 15 coffee refills, a plateful of danishes and whatever else you can stuff in your face at The Buffet at Wynn. By comparison, $20 gets you only two coffees and two danishes at Wynn's new(ish) Tower Suites Lobby Cafe. Not that Wynn is known for the value proposition... but really guys.

Wynn Buffet Breakfast1

My breakfast plate #1... fish cake (yuck), eggs benedict (yum), enchilada (meh), thai noodles (yum), pepperoni pizza (yum), bacon & sausage (yum & meh), quiche slathered in frommage (meh).

Wynn Buffet Breakfast2

Mrs. Monkay's breakfast plate #1.. fish cake (yuck), waffle (yum), hash browns (yum), eggs benedict (yum), unknown, quiche (meh), pork bao (yum), peaches & cream (yum), artichoke (yum).

Wynn Buffet Lunch1

My lunch plate #1... egg roll (yum), meatball (meh), rigatoni (meh), farmers cheese selection (yum), sushi (meh), dried apple (meh), fried chicken (yum). Not pictured... a cup of gazpacho (meh) a bundled up slice of prosciutto (yum).

Wynn Buffet Lunch2

Mrs. Monkay's lunch plate #1a... sushi (meh), pea risotto (yum), pizza (yum)

Wynn Buffet Lunch3

Mrs. Monkay's lunch plate #1b... quinoa salad (vegan - meh), feta mint watermelon salad (meh), asian sesame salad (yum) a slice of salami (yum).

Wynn Buffet Dessert1

Mrs. Monkay's dessert plate #1... chocolate brownie mousse, cheesecake chocolate chip cookie pie, cherry cheesecake, chocolate cupcake... all yummy.

Wynn Buffet Dessert2

My dessert plate #1 - candied apple (yum), key lime pie (yum).

Wynn Buffet Dessert3

My dessert plate #2 - rice krispies treat wit sprinkles (yum), cream puff (yum), cookies n cream gelato (yum).

Wynn Buffet Review

Total price for 5 people ~ $105 plus tip.

Burp. Burpy Berp Berp Burrrrrp.

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Comments & Discussion:

"Today is a red underwear day" Nice touch!

$105 for 5 people is a damn good price.
but i also think in terms of nyc dollars. which are apparently worth less than the rest of the nation's currency somehow.

I have a tummyache from looking at these (rather nice) photos. That room is still ridic.

I vote for Introductory Paragraph #3...I think.

Please tell me the Jerk Free Range Chicken is still part of the lunch offerings..that was worth the flight to Vegas all by itself..

Is that really what the dining room looks like? Was the goal to cram as much shit as possible into the room to echo what the diners were doing to their stomachs?

Nice review, I'll pick the tapas themed paragraph, best way to do it in my opinion. Looks like they've really stepped up their desserts, I was extremely disappointed a year ago when I tried them.

love red underwear

OH Chuck... your pictures of the food, yowzers! In the first picture you've got every continent represented, folded over and on top of each other: Chinese humping Thai, cuddling Mexican and American jizzing on Italian. It's just not the most appetizing pictures, that's all.

I wish someone would open a Friends-themed casino with a Phoebe Buffet.

That musta made for one serious bowel movement.

Props for the Floyd reference.

Never forget my first trip to the Wynn Buffett. The minute they put out the king crab legs, it was like a stampede to the seafood. Figured better out of the Wynn clientele.

Miss this place as I haven't been in almost 2 years. But boy the food looks just about the same as it did then.

Only the first year was memorable. The quality of the food has gone down every year since then (I go eat almost every year).

They really jack up the prices during holidays. I guess it's to keep the line small.

A comparable buffet can be had at Bellagio. With Bellagio, you can sneak in at 3pm and pay lunch price and eat whatever's for dinner at 4pm (crab legs?). I prefer the items served during lunch however. There's more fish avaialble durng lunch. More lighter items. Come dinner time, it's mostly meat items.

#2 seems the best.

20 ish bucks a person? Wow, ummm....that's not much more than your average Golden Corral-type feed bag. I guess September is the time to be ther, rather than New Year's liek I was a few years back. That buffett was a lot more expensive when I was there.

i prefer to wear red socks instead. red underwear makes me feel like me and the missus are going to do some santa claus role playing later

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