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Peekaboo: Fontainebleau

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th September 2012 8:24am
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This is insane.... urban explorers Undercity broke into Fontainebleau and climbed all the way up to the top taking video the whole way. Fascinating. Exciting. Scary. Wonderfilled.

Big thanks to VT superfriend level42 for sharing this on amazing video on The Board.

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Comments & Discussion:

True reality film making. Really good. To climb all those stairs and then go out on that catwalk. In the rain!
I was hyperventilating sitting in my chair.

i'm terrified of heights

Very cool, nice find.

That was remarkably cool! Icahn needs to finish the joint so we can book rooms with that view!!!

I miss 2007 so much :(

All I can say is WoW

Rent out the top floors! Is it true it beat Stratosphere in height?

That was amazingly cool. I walk down there every time I am in Vegas just to look at the carcass.

Standing ovation for those at Undercity, great work guys !!!

Holy shit.

To use an overused word - Awesome! I do hope they finish the place someday. It's too big to fail forever.

So...doesn't this video prove his guilt? When does he get arrested?

That said, this was unbelievably cool! Seems almost impossible for him to have found the stairwell. Awesome!

I doubt he would be arrested. Having walked by the place a few times there seems to be no security watching the property but for a while a cop car was parked at the carcass of Echelon before they stopped caring. Hell, they could use the video to try to convince someone to finish the place just for the cool views.

He kept referring to the Fontainebleau as the "tallest building in Vegas", and when he climbed out on the crane, he commented that he was at the highest point in "all of Vegas". I guess he didn't notice the Stratosphere.

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