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The Group Murrening

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th October 2012 3:13pm
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On the first night of VIMFP, a group of dedicated weirdoes broke off from the drunkypants festivities at Bar Vdara and headed towards the ARIA porte cochere to pay tribute to the CEO who made it all possible - the one and only James J. "Jimbo" Murren.

Cue a little background music.... (courtesy of UKVegas in the comments)

Look! Over there! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a group of people acting like idiots in the middle of the street! Just like Jimbo! JIMBO!

Murrening at the Gates of The Empire!

All was fun and great until ARIA security came over to shut us down... no, not for blocking the street like a bunch of jerks, or taking the piss out of their bumbling CEO, but for using a TRIPOD! Ha! Who knew tripods were illegal in casinos... I've been using them for 10 years with no complaints!

Anyways, a great time was had by all Murrening at the Gates of the Empire.

For those interested, I've uploaded a high res collectible version of the photo for your archives. Right click to download.

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice photo, I really never looked at Aria up close until that night, amazing, glad I made into the photo (barely). Thanks

This is the music you need to listen to while Murrening!

Apparently I was looking at an entirely different building.

There is a rule against using a tripod? Someone was using one to take wedding pictures not far from there the next day.

A memory I will tell my grandkids about.

One of my favorite Vegas memories! Thanks Chuck!

Robbie was staring at Sad Veer.

Gawd damn classic.

Love the Jimbo shirt

God I wish I would have been there for this. That looks AWESOME.

It was a great moment!

Thanks Chuck!

I absolutely love this picture. It could not be more perfect.

I'm in this photo, but apparently some of the folks up front were blocking me.

LOL hilarious mocking.

Since the Patriot Act came along, it is pretty much illegal to take photos of privately owned structures of size (aka potential terrorist targets) without a permit from the building owner. You can take the photos from across the street...but you better not take them while on their property. As a semi-avid photographer, I've learned this lesson the hard way while encountering many an overzealous rent-a-cop while walking around various downtown areas.

That being said...absolutely love this photo.

Does the Patriot Act prohibit ironic mockingness as well? Perhaps that is now the true threat (at least to corporations and the people who love them). In any case, well posed, Murreners!

Great picture! I would be interested in putting faces with names. I assume that the couple on the right is Mr. Chuck and Miss Monkay? Would it be appropriate to name other staff, contributors and cognescenti? Vespajet not withstanding.

I'm not in the photo, I'm operating the camera. Miss Monkay couldn't come to VIMFP this year.

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