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Total Rewards To Change Tier Levels Jan 1

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th November 2012 6:37am
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Not to be outdone in the algorithmic adjustment olympics, our fine feathered Caesars Entertainment have decided to up the level requirements for Total Rewards comp club.

Tier level requirements are jumping between 20 and 36% depending on tier, with Diamond making the largest proportional jump. It has been about four years since Total Rewards last adjusted their tier requirements. With non-gaming spend slowly being added to Total Rewards portfolio and instant (albeit puny) dining discounts for any card holder, this adjustment has probably been overdue.

Here's the break out:

Level Current New Change %
Gold 0 0 -- 0%
Platinum 4,000 5,000 +1,000 25%
Diamond 11,000 15,000 +4,000 36%
Seven Stars 100,000 120,000 +20,000 20%

These new level requirements probably mean that the 3,000 point Diamond in a Day probably expands as well. We can surmise that margin change is directly proportional to the change in Diamond status - roughly 36%, rounded to 1000 tier credits.

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Comments & Discussion:

This doesn't surprise me, as we've seen perks reduced for TR program, it seemed to be only a matter of time before they raised the levels, starting to feel a lot like 2007, they keep squeezing that stone for blood.

Well that may push me to enjoy a few more of their comped rooms, while I still am Diamond, especially since I can't re-qualify as DIAD.

A company with an enormous debt load that keeps building and spending more tightening comps can't really be all tha surprising.

Working on a new tagline: "It's not debt, it's optimism."

I wonder if the Tier level changes relate at all to the survey sent out earlier this year about tying a Tier level to a Caesars' branded credit card. I think for a $400 annual card fee, the holder receives Platinum status was what was floated on the card survey.

None of the operators appreciate Table game players anyway, so I am not sure how big of a deal this really is.

dm49323, not necessarily true "None of the operators appreciate Table game players anyway" :
If you have an average bet between $150 and $400, you get considerable love. Even from the CZR group.

I really have no problem with the tier level increases provided they add some value to the level. I am a "high" level diamond and will finish the year somewhere around 55K tier points for Total Rewards. Outside of free rooms in vegas for any dates, the level isnt worth much to me. Way below 7 star, and I have seen my offers as a diamond player for the last 5 years steadily decline. I have become resolved to become a less frequent buy higher ADT player at multiple properties next year. The smaller joints in vegas, especially downtown appreciate my business much more then the loyalty I have shown CET.

PS. for those inquiring... these details were shared to us by a trusted source inside the borg. the social media folks are going to deny it so don't bother asking them.

Don't they have to come clean on Jan 1st when everyone's account resets? How are they going to put the spin on this. Doesn't CET have to at least change up the benefits. Maybe priority appertizer selection, or chilled beer glass at any CET resto. No I got it. New tier level offering. Two ply TP in all comp'd rooms!

Thanks Chuck...spoke up for you on the boards...same haters that were behind the times on SLS and The Sahara, I guess. In Chuck we trust (well Hunter and Dr. Dave too, of course)

i just spoke to my host at CET a few days ago. He said he has not heard of any increases, but has heard that they may include another level, somewhere in between diamond and seven stars. Maybe near the 60,000 tier. I guess we all find out on Jan 1st

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