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Encore To Open Bar Named After STDs, Cirque Show

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th November 2012 1:43pm
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Encore Las Vegas, the last bastion of taste on the North Strip, made public the news that they will be opening a new bar adjacent to forthcoming Switch replacement Andrea's Vibe Dining.

The new bar, operated by nightclub impresario and bringer of the WynnSocial.com Sean Christie's Las Vegas Nightlife Group, will be called VDKA (all caps) and is apparently named after a tasteless adult beverage.

Pat, I'd like to buy an "O"
Sorry, Steve... there is no "O"
Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle.
Not your turn Steve. There was no "O"
"Venereal Disease Krautrock Andrea's."
Incorrect Steve.
Fuck you Obama for using all the Os!

VDKA will serve flavored vodkas and... vodka from bottles and vodka from a tap.

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Comments & Discussion:

Vodka from a tap? How is that different from the delightful "gun" vodka served across Las Vegas? I bet I know...it will be even MORE over-priced?

Encore lost its title as a "bastion of taste" once Christie was allowed to hang his balls out over the boulevard.

Oh Steve...why have you forsaken us?

@johnd thanks for the howl.

I'll wait for someone to open SCTCH.......

^that would be my new favorite hangout in Vegas

So...I guess asking for Scotch on the rocks would be a tad gauche?

I think I am going to open a club in Vegas and call it Thunderbird or Ripple.

@levans - it would have to be either THNDRBRD or RPPL.
Then again, RPPL sounds like a Motorola phone from 2003.

Non-gaming revenue focus continues to grow there... The only redeeming place in Wynncore is their sportsbook, and it is quite nice, has a snack bar adjacent with good eats, and very comfortable seating. And they are quick to put new lines up on the games. A good place.

According to Eater Vegas here are some of the vodka flavor options: tangerine, bacon (oh that must suck), cucumber, espresso, peanut butter, chocolate coconut, cinnamon, maple syrup, whipped cream and sugar cookie. So in one night you can get blasted just trying the weirdest flavors.

VDKA, why not BRBN TQL WHSKY or the generic LQR.
Las Vegas already has the D, the M nad comming soon the Q so why not, I guess.
Ls Vgs, wh nds vwls?

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