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Las Vegas Weekly Probes Wynn Nightlife Shift

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd December 2012 10:07pm
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Apparently, we're not the only ones who noticed that Wynn threw the luxury out with the nightclub slush.

One of our favorite food scribes, Las Vegas Weekly's Brock Radke has dedicated a coupla thousand words to the subject, including a slew of which came directly out of my big mouth, into a phone and onto the internet.

Lots of interesting stuff to talk about here... the evolution of Wynn from luxury lifestyle brand to purveyor of techno and tipple.

Check it.... Thoughts on Wynn's evolution into a brand of beats and booze.

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice article! Although it does kind of feel like you did most of the heavy lifting and left the author to dot the i's and cross the t's and make sure the paragraphs lined up nicely.

"The atmosphere in Encore specifically has become unsavory to non-nightclub people.”

Thanks to Brock Radke and especially to Chuckmonster. Excellent piece, and I don't believe things will change until/unless Strip revenues get back to mid-'00 levels. Interesting to me was Chuck's comment on Tryst's short life at Wynn Macau.

The most stark memory from my stays at Encore isn't so much the lines snaking across the casino floor waiting to get in, as it is the Sunday morning elevator rides downstairs, where it stops at the 8th floor and a half dozen 20 year olds from Orange County slink on. Hung over & sullen from sharing one room for two nights, carrying all their possessions in Old Navy plastic bags and their ice chest with wheels.

I agree with everything you said in the piece.

Eventually, something will prompt them to change their strategy and move away from nightlife. It might be a decade, but it will happen, that's the history of Vegas.

Interesting piece and good comments from Chuck. I stayed at the Wynn in May of this year and I really did not like the vibe of the Encore casino - too many people hanging around who were not gamblers. The lighting was different too. I still enjoyed the Wynn casino.

Well you traditional folks have to fight back to get back your position. Offer to pay the same for liquor as the club goers.

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