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Wynn Building DJ Recording Studio Under The Pool

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 7th December 2012 9:29am
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Wynn Jumps Shark

Doug Elfman at The RJ tells us this morning that Wynn is building a recording studio underneath the Encore Beach Club pool.

No doubt the Wynn adjective polishing machine will tout this as being nothing short of a miracle, a first in the universe, and the reason why Wynn's music just sounds a little bit better than all other music. Never mind that the Palms built a recording studio... like 10 years ago. Maloofed again!

DJ Afrojack's sales pitch to Wynn brass:

"It would be like: 'You remember that song that's number one? How dope would it be if we produced it at a studio at XS?' "

Yeah, dope.

The DJification of Wynn is encapsulated in this very quote by one of the guys from Cazzette, whose claim to fame are wearing plastic cassette shaped hats sorta like The Residents eyeballs and Deadmau5's hat.

If you sell that vase right there, and sell that TV, and get rid of a few lamps, you could get a decent pair of speakers."

Don't worry Roger, someone still loves your taste in vases and lamps... me.

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Comments & Discussion:

Misnomer ? Cause if this is real, he's over the shark.

Giant plastic cassette hats? Selling off the room decor to buy speakers? Shiiiiiiiit. I couldn't come up with that stuff on all the peyote in the world.

I think that shark is munchign on Steve's legs at this point.

I can't believe this wasn't a Misnomer piece.

You know Steve Wynn has jumped the shark when he's stealing the plot of a Metalocalypse episode.


And I thought for sure that Afrojack quote had to be made up. But wow. He really is that fucking stupid.

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