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On The Virtue of the Chelsea at Cosmopolitan

By JohnH on Wednesday, 9th January 2013 1:41pm
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Imagine, if you will, that you could have seen The Beatles at Candlestick Park. Or that you could have felt the raw intensity of the Ramones at CBGB. Imagine a moment where you could witness a group of musicians in a space that builds a connection with you; an admittedly improvised space that creates such an intimacy and electricity between you, your fellow audience members, and the artist that you instantly know that you're attending a performance that you'll one day speak of to your children. This isn't Jimmy Buffet at MGM's Grand Garden Arena. This is Coldplay and Jay Z. This is Florence + The Machine. This is Adele. This is The Killers. This is the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing that intimacy, that connection that builds at the Chelsea not once, but twice. I felt it in the way that Adele made an audience audibly weep during the performance of "Someone Like You" in August of 2011. I felt it in the thundering physical surrender of an audience when The Killers performed "When You Were Young" in their hometown. This truly is a venue in which you have to see an artist; it's energy is unmatched.

Does that mean its perfect? No. The $12 Fat Tires at the belly-up bars are kind of outrageous and the fact that the venue is a converted convention space is still a challenge. However, the team at Cosmo has made improvements to the space with each subsequent visit I've made to the venue. Where there were once bleachers for preferred seating, there are now elevated, lounge-like VIP areas that allow one to stand above the fray of the general admission attendees--who are never hindered in their ability to get right into the thick of the energy at the foot of the stage--and gain an almost uninterrupted view of the performers. Where there were once only two lower quality displays, there are now two stage-side displays and another central arena-style screen to give a better view of the show. It's getting better.

And that means the stars are lining up to make the Chelsea the most dynamic performance venue in Las Vegas. It's difficult to describe, but when Brandon Flowers is belting out "Spaceman" at the top of his lungs, the ground shakes beneath your feet, and the space is filled with pulsating light, and heart-pounding energy, you instantly know what this space is capable of. That's the Chelsea. And it's unlike anything else in the city.

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Comments & Discussion:

Having seen a few YouTube videos at events in this space, I took careful notes while the camera looked around at the rest of the room and the size of the crowd. It reminds me a bit of the old, pre-Morgans version of The Joint. Except with maybe with questionable accoustics since it appears to be a huge conference room.

Are those the 12 or 22oz Fat Tires?

I saw Kaskade in The Chelsea last May.

My only concern was feeling the floor move with each jump from the audience. I believe (with tip) two Red Bull Vodka's came just shy of $40. Big punch to the wallet.

I went to Friday Night Fights in the Chelsea, the venue is pretty versatile, and when paired with the BLVD pool may be the best 1/2 punch for concert venues on one property. Their Concert/Special Event Bar prices are INSANE, but the crowd seems to be forking over their cash. You have to get their money somewhere since they're not stepping foot in the casino!

I had no problem with the room itself- to see your favorite band in a smaller venue is always a thrill. And the boys did not disappoint, I have heard many fans who have seen The Killers many, many times say that the 29th show will go down as their favorite. The organization by The Security and Cosmopolitan was amateur at best. Lineup mix ups,Brandon stopping the show to break up a fight in the audience(while exciting ,shouldn't have happened)VIP's being let in the venue first and not going to their VIP area but taking all the prime space across the front, when others had been lined up for hours- doesn't sell me on The Cosmo being "the place" to see shows in Vegas. I flew all the way from a tiny city in Eastern Canada to see the shows and I expected more from this kind of world class property. Having said all that -I was there to see the band and they were amazing.

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