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Pretty cool. I like the idea of more trees....and it still works within the the theme of NYNY - vibrant outdoor spaces, green space (central park), outdoor food vendors, etc. Now lets hope it doesn't become a magnet for meth addict superhero characters (the ones that talk tourists into pictures) and pornslappers.

I'm just concerned for NYNY. If there's one thing worse than being dethemed, it's being half-themed (i.e. Luxor).

With AEG being involved in the arena project, I would expect that they have contributed a lot of input on what to do with the area surrounding the new arena. What is being proposed is similar to what AEG has done in London and L.A.

Wow, indeed! Definitely more excited for this than Linq. Can't wait to see this progress.

It has my seal of approval. It can exhale now. And commence.

The big question is.....will NyNy's new facade have a New Yorkish theme? cause if its more modern manbo jumbo then I give up....BUT, the name "the park" definitely has a New York vibe going on wether they mean it or not.

I hope there is at least some "theme" that gets put into this project.

What I've been told, this is NOT a detheming of NYNY. Some of those faux buildings will be adjusted and renovated.

This sounds really great. The idea of having a continuous stripfront among sister hotels is definitely very smart and exciting. That being said, I really hope that they stay true to each hotel's character while still maintaining the continuity. NYNY's new facade better look different than that of a hotel named after the French Riviera.

Also, going off of Vespajet's point, given AEG's previous work, I am a bit skeptical about how The Park will turn out. LA Live (an exemplar of their work) is far too tacky and Times Square-y, in a very bad way. I think Caesars made a genius move in hiring Caruso. As inexperienced as he is with a market like Vegas, his previous projects in LA (namely the Grove and Americana) are beautiful outdoor spaces, as boring and tourist-ridden as they may be. I'm very excited to see what Linq looks like; Caruso's work so far has been classy and well-executed. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about AEG. Hopefully, AEG takes a far different approach in planning The Park than they did with LA Live or O2, or else it will be a disaster that make NYNY and MC tacky and tasteless.

NYNY's ground level details are some of the best "cheesy" theming in town, with all sorts of little things in the windows and the weird gambling imagery like art deco people playing slot machines and a roulette wheel on a building where you'd expect a clock to be. I hope that doesn't disappear behind a tidal wave of scaffolding.

The park itself? Eh. Who the hell travels out to Vegas and wants to eat out of a food truck? Yeah, they're popular in urban California right now and the residents who participate in the downtown arts crowd's First Friday. But, why would Joe Schmo flying in from the Carolinas want to eat from a truck?

Also, as to the post above mine, I've been to LA Live and Toronto's Dundas Square and that kind of look is fine for Vegas.

It's something of a cancer in "regular towns" since they usually abandon the city's identity and charm to provide as many marketing opportunities to the developers as possible. But the identity of Vegas is basically a company town that forgot it's pop-up blocker. Obnoxious Corporate America is acceptable, if not encouraged.

@minvegas the food truck craze fizzled out two years ago. they're still around, but nobody really cares anymore.

(from the article) "...a small outdoor plaza filled with shops..."

Because that's what Vegas is missing. More shops.

^^ but there is never a starbucks, frozen daiquiri, oxygen bar or aquassage peddler nearby when you need it.

^^and what if I needed a new case for my cell phone......

^^ or the batteries in my blinky thing ran out and i need to get a new blinky thing...

Where's the Ferris Wheel?!!!

We can see the strollers, double-wide strollers, cruising through these new areas all hours. Will there be increased slots, Blackjack, Craps tables? Or is gambling now a secondary attraction to another miracle mile of food, booze, music, and social gathering? Like what Linq is proposing to be?

Still holding out for the expanding of the Aria Express...

As long as it has a green screen booth, I'm in. I'm not as excited about this one as I am about Linq. Nothing wows me in reading about what they are developing and I have to agree with some of the sentiments. Food trucks are a nice change of pace in regular areas, but I have no desire to eat at them on a 5 mile stretch that has 200 restaurants and dining choices.

I guess I can appreciate that MRI and CET are working to eliminate pedestrian sidewalks, which will get rid of pornslappers and homeless costume characters, but it also means there will be plenty of kiosks to fill with timeshare salesman.

I do like the fact that instead of tearing down and rebuilding, the strip owners have finally figured out a way to expand sideways on the strip, without trying to do it down Harmon blvd (oops Mr. Clooney). Live open air areas are definitely a positive, but I'm just not sure MRI has the ability to make those areas engaging.

If there is one difference between CET and MRI that I'll give the edge to CET is that they've proven they can develop low cost, low brow, entertainment areas. There revitalization of the stale Osheas alone showed they can ply cheap drinks with the best of them, and for the most part their party pits seem to be better populated and more of a 'party' then what I've seen at MRI's offerings.

I really like LA Live and if this is similar to that it will be good with me. The only thing about Linq that I am looking forward to is Yardhouse for a pint or 2. Park appears to be the better of the 2 on paper for me anyways

Interesting DM, I'm curious as to why, since MGM's announced nothing with the vendors/bars yet.

If the park is named Central Park, it will continue the NY theme.

On the whole, this seems to be a worthwhile project. That exterior Brooklyn Bridge stretch of NYNY is kind of desolate now.

I love this idea. When I first started hearing about City Center years ago,the one thing I thought they should have included was an open "Central Park" type of space with outdoor shopping around it. Instead, we got half empty condo buildings. Now I'm excited.

@jinx Linq doesn't really have anything for me outside of Yardhouse and honestly it's going to be a bit cramped. Once they demo the cityCenter sales building they will have a much larger space. and I guess the reality is I prefer NYNY/Monte Carlo are to the Flamingo/Quadperial Palace area although that may change with linq. Pre-linq that area was over run with wanna be thugs, porn slappers, etc, I used to love that area but found myself going there less and less over the years. Maybe I'm just old...get off my lawn!!

I like this idea. The food truck idea will attract visitors because in most cities they don't have them. Here in Chicago their very existance is an issue so we tend to hit them when we see them. The idea of buying food on the street works with the New York motif.

Yawn. Wanna get attention?? Build a red light district. Hash house a go go would take on a whole new meaning there.

Central Park - let's hope it works. Not too many homeless types snoozing under the trees, and not too many slappers.

I'll miss the old facade/front of the MC. Yes, it was unused space, but it looked really nice, and had more class and comfort than a lot of other casino's front areas. I think all of the casinos looked much better back in the day when they was some open space in front of them.
I never liked the way the Diablo fit in. It's a nice idea (open air cantina) but I never enjoyed being in there (best frozen marg used to be at The Outback, but a few years back they screwed up their formula).
I hope the space helps the MC. Now that their pool gets such limited sun I don't stay there in the Spring any more, only if I visit in December. The casino smells like old lady perfume, they changed the scent 6-9 years ago. The old scent spelled refreshing and clean, the new one makes me want to get out of there within 40 minutes.

@Donnymac, thanks for the response, I definitely can understand the preference for the area, I used to enjoy Flamingo/Harrahs area too, and have grown tired of trying to navigate the gauntlet at times (get off my lawn as well). I guess there is a part of me that believes that Linq's going to open that back up a bit though and with some of the outdoor venues, bring some atmosphere. I guess I'll have to see what MGM rolls out for the areas.

Sounds more like an urban plaza than a park. I gotta think the trees will be more decorative than shade-giving because you can only do so much when you're dealing with the summer heat. Think the scrawny stuff they grow poolside at the hotels. Nonetheless it looks like a good way to improve otherwise dead space.

Interesting, the top picture in this Post shows what Monte Carlo originally looked like, when the circular fountain entrance thing was on both corners. Forgot about that. Diablos was built on that Southeast corner in something like 2007?

Where is the landing zone for the Zip Line coming off the top of Luxor?

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