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Top Ten List of the Best Vegas Hamburger Top Ten Lists

By BigHoss on Friday, 10th May 2013 5:04pm
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Recent reports indicate three new burgeries open every day in Las Vegas. Finding a decent burger isn't too hard. But finding the best burgers can be tough. Hungry people who are too cheap to spend two bucks on the VegasMate app for iPhones and iPads are often left wondering and wandering for their next bacony, melty, juicy fix.

Hundreds of publications try to lend guidance through the wonder of Top Ten Burger lists. But there are so many publications, so many websites, so many lists and so many damned burgers.

That's why I'm here. Below, I present you the Top Ten List of the Best Vegas Hamburger Top Ten Lists.

In case you are wondering about my qualifications, this is a picture of a bigasss cheeseburger that I took at a Five Guys a year or so ago, then posted on Instagram.

Five Guys

Top Ten List of the Best Vegas Hamburger Top Ten Lists

The 10 Best Burgers in Las Vegas via Vegas Magazine - this list highlights the $777 'Idiot Burger' at le classily named Le Burger Brasserie.

The Top 10 Burgers in Las Vegas via Gayot: Guide to the Good Life - This one is a thriller because it bucks the top-ten list convention of ranking the places in order of awesomeness, opting for the potentially less controversial and much more ambiguous strategy of alphabetical order. Spoiler alert, BLT Burger wins again! Suck it, Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill.

Las Vegas Burger Joints via Urban Spoon - Urban Spoon just lets it rip with a comprehensive list of virtually every place in Vegas where you can get a burger, as of this writing 260 of them. Overkill? Maybe. But Vegas is the kind of town where you might need to locate the nearest Carl's Jr. without asking too many questions.

Meet the Top 10 Burgers in Las Vegas via Las Vegas Review-Journal - Seriously, Peppermill? Pastrami on a freaking hamburger? Better bring another one of those Scorpions.

10 Burgers to Eat Right Now via Las Vegas Weekly - You learn at least two things from this list: That Fukuburger thing looks awesome; AND somewhere else puts pastrami on burgers, too.

Las Vegas: Five Best Burgers on the Strip via Serious Eats - This list would be good for people who were walking from Mandalay Bay to just north of Encore and needed to stop for a burger about every half-mile.

The VBB 2013 Burger Tournament Finals via Vegas Burger Blog - There's a guy named Erik. He's an architect in Las Vegas and has a damned exhaustive blog called Vegas Burger Blog. He probably should be the one writing this list.

Top 10 Las Vegas Burgers via Orbitz - Yeah. Two sliders at L'Atelier for $32, I can believe. But who, who, who would buy a $5,000 Fleur Burger at Fleur de Lys? Le fuque me.

Best Burger Las Vegas via Yelp - In case you can't find what you want on the Urban Spoon list, use this one. There are a mere 562 entries, most with reviews. In case you ever wondered about that BK Whopper Bar at Rio, it comes in at No. 87, right behind a regular Burger King.

Best Las Vegas Burgers Restaurants via Zagat - You got it: "Best Las Vegas Burgers Restaurants." These people are supposed to be pros, right? Apparently, unless you're at In-N-Out, you're nowhere.

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Brilliant, times infinity.

Yet another list of best Vegas hamburger top ten lists? So cliché. I thought VT was different.

Now that is one tasty burger.

But will you compile a Top Ten list of the best comments about the best Vegas hamburger Top Ten lists?

hey thanks for the mention! I definitely think half of these lists don't properly represent the burger scene in Vegas, but do I dare put together another list?? Erik (VBB)

Hey @vegasburger, you are welcome and I loved discovering your blog while making fun of Top Ten Vegas Burger lists. I also love the fact that there is a Vegas "burger scene."

Thanks to everyone else, too. @sroeben, I was surprised you didn't have a burger list on Pulse of Vegas. You have posted about burgers and you have posted lists and you have posted a few things about burgers on lists. But you haven't just posted a list exclusively of burgers. If you did, I would guess the burgers would be beautifully photographed; there would be at least one picture of a hot ketchup girl; it would have at least one Captain Morgan reference; and it would be pretty dang funny.

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