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Holy Crap: The Hakkasan Price List

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th May 2013 12:50pm
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Ever wondered how much those ginormous bottles of booze cost at the latest hip new happening nightclubs?

Just for fun lets do the math on the Zen package to see what their margins are...

Retail price for 2 Magnum of Grey Goose = $150
Retail price for Patron Gran Platinum = $150


MARKUP = ~$10,000

MARGIN = 80%

So if the club sent someone to BevMo or Total Wine every time someone ordered a Zen and resold it at the club, they'd make about $10k per trip. They pay less than wholesale on these bottles... probably 30-50% of the retail ($600-800)... adding another $1500 of profit to each order.

Courtesy of Coco Austin via Reddit.

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Comments & Discussion:

Half a mil for Dynastic: AWESOME! How much of that business is comped by casino for high rollers/whales?

And this one, set to debut there, is only one bottle for $500k!

Totally worth it, I'm sure. Because who has a more refined palate than a rapper?

Immediately before reading this, I read an article about how garment factory workers in Southeast Asia make less than $1000 a year. Oy.

^^ Nevermind, silly me, that price includes the whole collection of bottles. So it really is totally worth it.

Hmm, now I can't decide whether to pop some bottles wif my peeps or employ 500 Southeast Asians for a year.

Not worth it even if it was poured down Salma Hayek's leg in that From Dusk till Dawn scene.

And not even a six-pack of PBR? http://money.msn.com/now/post.aspx?post=88323cb2-e14d-4f4d-a8f3-79d555b4fd9a

The Hustler Club has a Million Dollar bottle of Dom http://vegashustlerclub.com/newspost/6l-dom-rose-gold%E2%80%8F/#more-333 , however that package also includes a private jet, suite, and New Ferrari

Who will be the first to order from this menu? A Mexican drug lord, a Russian mobster, or an Asian triad boss? We'll put everyone else in "the field" for betting purposes.

MARKUP = ~$10,000
MARGIN = 80%"

Wouldn't it be a 500% margin?

Die nasty.

500% is mark up.
Margin is difference between price and cost as a percentage of the whole.

And I thought that the $10,000 bottle of Scotch they have at Ri Ra at Mandalay Place was expensive.....

Where's the Grey Poupon?

Hey, there's no Iron City Beer on this price list? What good is this place if the beer won't eat thru an aluminum can!

It's a gimmick to generate buzz among the party set and tourists. People inevitably assume there must be something REALLY special about the MOST expensive club/bar whatever. Wasn't this place conceived by some slighted Arab royalty after not getting his favorite seat at XS or something like that?

I love it when my boss nails a good margin v markup argument. #BlackjackerMBA2013

Gordon Ramsay's doing it wrong...

This just in: bottle service on the strip is a ripoff!

#Occupy Hakkassan

I don't often choose to be gelded in a public place, but when I do I order bottle service from Hakkaaasssaaaan..

Those are Mlife points, not dollars, right?

You're paying too much for your Grey Goose.

Is that in Zimbabwean dollars? If so thats a steal from the usual clubs. 360 = 1 US dollar.

What the fuck could anyone do with a total of 89 liters of champange?

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