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Steve Wynn's Gulfstream G650

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th May 2013 8:42pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, here is Steve Wynn's Gulfstream G650... landing and taxi.

There are no overhead compartments inside, so as to accommodate Steve's gigantic head.

Where's Steve now? Just plug N711SW into your favorite flight tracker to find out.

Thanks to VT superfriends detroit1051 and middleclassbuzz for the Tweet tips!

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Comments & Discussion:

Can't wait until Elaine takes it away.

Are we sure that this is always him on board? Wynn Resorts operates a fleet of planes, and I can't imagine shareholders allowing him to have a personal jet not ever used for customers on their dime.

Isn't this a Wynn Resorts jet, i.e. not owned by The Steve? I know that Steve likes to treat the company like his piggy bank... AFAIK he has always let his various companies own the aircraft.

It's one of the first 650s to reach a customer it seems:


I was under the impression that Steve's jet was owned (and therefore subsidized) by Wynn Resorts. I imagine it's personalized for him, being as that RogThom did the interior.

Yeah, if you look at their financials, he gets a lot of personal travel paid for by the company. They consider it part of his compensation... The travel definitely suggests Wynn Resorts business given the locations and he may well be the primary passenger though if he got shit-canned he's not taking this plane with him.

Sorta curious that someone at this FBO @ LAX was taking a video of the whole landing+taxi (seemed to be pretty close). I've spent a little time in FBOs and my experience has been that the top execs and uber-rich who use them aren't super thrilled with being recorded. Anyway, cool shot.

I do love that he managed to get the SW at the end of the tail number.

guy over on vmb posted pics of him riding in it in one of his trip reports a while back..

What is the translation of the Chinese characters on the tail?

I think it reads: Obama Sux

@RateVegas is kind of feisty today.

Sure, the G6 is sleek and fashionable when you just want to jet over to LA for a couple hours, but when it's time for serious pack-your-bags travel, Steve knows that N88WR is the only way to fly:


have interior photos of the plane ever been posted?

Steve Wynn has recycled this registration over the years. It was previously used on a Gulfstream G450, a Gulfstream G-IV (The G450 is an upgraded version of the G-IV), a Bombardier Global Express, a Gulfstream G-III and originally used it on a DC-9-15 series.


Now this is the best photo of the Wynn Resorts BBJ:



That BBJ gets around. Getting on that plane takes a $1 million credit line, and you have to run up at least $250,000 per trip in theoretical loss if you want to ride it home (which can mean several million in actual loss). I suppose I have always known how many massive players there are out there, but seeing evidence of it is rather striking.

apollo28: i mentioned above pics of the interior.. but they are not mine, and i don't want to link other websites here. should be easy enough to find.

All this talk of credit lines and Wynn's biggest customer is still a Latin American arms dealer. And yeah, that does bother the employees who know about it.

Hmm...Adnan Khashoggi?

^^nvm, Adnan doesn't look very Latin American lol.

Here are some interior pics of this G650, from a guest of Wynn that flew on it:


Even the newest BB's don't have any more range than the G650 and the G650 is faster. BB's are great if you have 25 or 30 people or need a massive master suite.

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