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VegasEats: Bouchon at Venetian 2013

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th June 2013 1:07pm
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Bouchon 2013 Americain

Bouchon, the French bistro stashed deep inside the Italian themed Venetian & Palazzo megaplex operated by a multiple Michelin star winning celebrity chef who you'll almost never see on TV. No donkeys. No bamming. No framed orange Crocs. No sniff & sneer. No bus rides to flavor town.

Unless you know, you'll never know who the chef responsible of the place is. His name isn't the name of the restaurant, nor is it mentioned on the menu, written on the marquee or set in tiled floor. The antithetical Vegas oasis... calm, quiet, serene, hidden and devoid of the ever present hyperbolic marketing. Quietly, day after day, night after night for weeks months and years, Bouchon has consistently served the best food you'll find in all of Las Vegas, with none of that hypemongered flavor of the day aftertaste.

Bouchon 2013 Dining Room

We arrived in mid morning, effortlessly traversing from Palazzo's poorly designed self park to the Venezia tower via Venetian's fabulous new way finding signs leading every step, turn, duck, lift and stroll. Surprisingly, a table was instantly available inside the bistro, however there would be a wait should we wish to dine al fresco awash in a scrumptious spring morning. We took the inside table.

Bouchon 2013 Menu

Our server arrived, delivered menus and took drink orders. She was all business, despite my repeated attempts to break her with a steady assault of tried and tested jokes. Fine.

Bouchon 2013 Creampuff

This thing arrived, Bouchon's cheese danish... a light, crispy pastry with schfritz of sweet creamy cheese on top. It was instantly demolished.

Bouchon 2013 Parfait

Again, Miss Monkay ordered the yogurt granola parfait. It arrived in a metal hinged glass canning jar. Cute.

Bouchon 2013 Parfait Vanill

Peekaboo! Whereas the previous days parfait at Luxor's Pyramid Cafe was a ginormous glass of expiration eve sludge, the parfait at Bouchon was expertly composed. Roasted granola and raisins sitting atop a yogurt infused with actual vanilla beans and fresh fruit compote in the bottom. This was surely the best specimen of parfait I've ever tasted.

Bouchon 2013 Hash

Miss Monkay's breakfast arrived... corned beef hash topped with two poached eggs and a Texas sized piece of toast. The hash arrived at the perfect nexus of crispy and juicy. When mixed with the yolk of the poached eggs it transformed into a honey pot of cherubic bliss.

Bouchon 2013 Americain

I ordered the "Breakfast Americain" which is French for Grand Slam. Two poached eggs, crispy toast, bacon and sausage. The sausage was a real star here, heroic in its flavorings... spicy, juicy and salty, the perfect for plunging into the yolk of a poached egg.

Breakfast at Bouchon. I don't think I could ever get sick of this place. You don't come here because there are trendy, marketable objects of temporary curiosity on the menu, you come here because the food is thoughtfully conceived and perfectly prepared.

Bouchon Check

Check out our 2007 review of Bouchon to see what has changed.

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Comments & Discussion:

When I ate breakfast there in December of 2011, I was a bit disappointed in my meal. I had the ouef & boudin blanc and there wasn't much in terms of eggs (It looked like a single egg was used in the scrambled eggs.) and the boudin blanc was lacking in flavor. Maybe I hit the place on a bad morning and have been meaning to make a return visit to the place to see if that was the case. The corned beef hash does look divine (I tried Mon Ami Gabi's version of it a few weeks back and it was quite tasty.).

They're very restrained with their salt/seasoning. I appreciate this.


the trout almondine i ate there for dinner last year was divine.
i've actually never had a bad meal there.
i need to get myself to napa eventually, eat at the "real" one.

Great pix Chuck. That breakfast looks awesome.

Always great food and atmosphere. I do wish their chairs were more comfortable and that their hours were easier to remember. They have an excellent selection of oysters and a very good bar.

ate there recently for the first time, i also had the Breakfast Americain but with scrambled eggs, wife had the other 2 egg breakfast, she got a big portion of eggs and i had hardly any. it was pretty good overall but i would take the tableau breakfast over at tableau @ wynn over it anyday.

Love their french toast!

I took my best men (DonnyMac and the guys) and my dad there the day of my wedding. The food was great, server was amazing. Even helped me get over my nerves (a bit) I would go back for sure, and I don't eat breakfast!! Chicken and waffles my friends!! Chicken. And. Waffles!

Still my favorite place to eat in town. It feels like home.

That Grand Slam picture gives me a boner.

The food looks great and i may have to check the place out when i go back in Oct. Are chicken and waffles really on the menu?

@levans Not sure if chicken and waffles are on the breakfast menu throughout the week, but they always are on the weekend brunch menu.

@MeltYrselfDown the original Napa Valley location is awesome...although I don't think they do breakfast! They have a bakery though that's pretty darn tasty.

I had the chicken and waffles a year or so ago. It was such a nice, serene beginning of the trip. Service was awesome, as well. It took me about 3 hours to actually find the place, though.

I love Bouchon far too much for my own good.

Finding places in Venetian seems to be a recurring theme. I will hav eto hit the place for brunch just for the chicken and waffles but they will have to be as impressive as the ones at Hash House a Go Go.

Nice review as always and let me add from my own personal experience, Bouchon is highly recommended.

My wife found a Bouchon outlet in NYC (Columbus Circle). The baked goods are outstanding.

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