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ARIA: The Five50 Menu - Updated Again

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 12th July 2013 2:58pm
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ARIA's Five50 opened last week in the former Skybox location, with a single solitary mission - add a take away pizza joint to MGM Resorts International's Aria vs Cosmopolitan punch list.

Peeking at the menu, It isn't just Cosmopolitan's secret pizza joint they're targeting here, it is Scott Conant's D.O.C.G. as well. I'll make a side bet that Five50 takes a small bite of the sauce seekers who would normally go to Sirio as well. If they could find it.

Aria Five50

There ain't nothing secret about this pizza, but it strangely looks like the Cosmopolitan. We now know where the brick wall removed from Cosmo's Queue Bar went. Three cheers for reclaiming someone else's ideas and materials!

Alas, Chef Shawn McClain's menu. Click to open it bigger.

Funny how appetizers are called "Snacks" $8 for pork rinds! Funny how appetizers are now called "Small Plates" too... they also cost as much as entrees did 5 years ago. The pasta selection is a little skimpy, perhaps in deference to Sirio's pasta palace upstairs. The "Meat & Cheese" charcuterie section is surely a punch in Scott Conant's uberbleached teeth.

Ah... the pizza menu. Eight types of 16" pies (about the size of a hub cap) ranging from $24 - $29 bucks. The fancy descriptions are written specifically to justify the $9 they're over charging for each pie. Somewhat preposterous and thoroughly pretentious. That being said, I'm ready to fork over $27 bucks to engulf a "Blanca" right this very moment.

On the right are options for those who want to build their own... prices starting at $22 for a basic cheese pie and $2, $3, $4 EACH for toppings. A meat lovers pie (bacon, pepperoni & meatball) will set you back will set you back $31.

I'll bite, even if the prices seem a little bit outrageous.

Big thanks to VT staffer blackjacker1979 for the pics... his review will be posted if he ever returns from Las Vegas.

Update: VT reader Jester122 ate there last night and graciously shared a photo of his array of slices.

Aria 550 Pizza

Clockwise from the top, Truffle, Margherita, Gotham.

His assessment:

I've decided that secret pizza on 3rd floor is better than five50. but beer selection is better at five50.

Another VT reader stopped by this afternoon and sent us this pic. Three slices of margherita pie = $12 bucks.

ARIA Pizza

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Comments & Discussion:

North Beach sounds amazing.

One of the things about Secret Pizza I like is the fact that they mostly sell their pizza by the slice and not by the entire pie.

Five50's pizzas definitely intrigue me even at that price point. The Gotham is right up my alley, but the Farmstead and the Truffle sound really good as well.

Looking forward to trying this joint. I used some of my MyVegas points to get a free slice and beer.

vespajet, it sounds like there's a bar/counter where you can order by the slice.

Being NYC adjacent, I think I'll just go spend half as much for pizza that's 1000 times better.

Usually when I'm staying at Aria I get take-out from Lemongrass (their Thai joint) now it'll be cool to get a fresh Shawn McLain pizza to take back to the room!

Truffle, please!

starts at $22??? GTFO!!!!
im in NYC and i get a full pepperoni pie thats 100 times better for $16.50.

I hate to call it a nice thing for a $30 pie, but sharing it between 2-3 people, if you can get agreement on the pie, would be a pretty decent priced lunch/dinner.

This seems like a perfect addition to Aria. The Skybox had almost nothing you couldn't find at Vettro or Cafe Aria or whatever it's called. If 550 is a third as good as Sage it'll be damn good, and late night pizza is good even when it's bad.

The beer selection at Secret Pizza is sparse, PBR and a generically titled IPA tap which in reality Stone IPA (although they have supposedly had Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA as well as some other craft IPAs on that tap). I love Stone IPA, so I'm a happy camper with a slice of pizza and a cup of IPA.

I enjoyed my meal here highly. Review forthcoming as soon as I can write it up.

IF secret is better than this must be awful. I found secret overpriced and greasy hipster pie

No effin way.

@bgrapes: there's a slice counter open until 2am restaurant open til midnight. as for the myvegas voucher, it's good for up to $17.50 worth of food.

@vespajet: last 3 times I've been to secret pizza: they've had pbr and bud light. I too enjoy stone out of a red cup, but like my women, I want a sure thang. if only I could get a penicillin to go from Comme Cà...

Pizza seems to be giving the burger a run for the trendiest food right now. I like what I see with Aria and will have to give staying there a try sometime.


I'll still take Cosmo for sheer pizza greatness, but this stuff is really good. And the non pizza stuff is even better, Sage-quality dishes.

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