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The Thing About Vegas...

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th July 2013 12:55pm
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The thing about Vegas is that you can accomplish so much before noon.-- @BigHosss.

My Hero.

Question: bong or penis pump?


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Naw, that's the stool collector Big Hoss takes to every Vegas pool ever since he spotted the infamous Wynn floater a few years back. He's obviously on an inspection.


What bong?

Would you need a penis pump while standing next to these two ladies?

They look capable or raising any man's penis so I say bong.

It's definitely a bong.....a beer bong.....Big Hoss sells them on the side at the college he works at.... ;)

My question...D or DD?

Umm... yeah. What they said, man.


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