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Slayer + Gojira at The Joint October 25

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th September 2013 11:02am
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The Hard Rock announced yesterday that thrash metal legends Slayer will be haunting the chapel at The Joint on October 25th, 2013. I'm sure Slayer needs no introduction to VegasTrippers, they're fucking awesome... a bloody steamroller of intensity wrapped in frenetic musicianship that perfectly walks the razors edge between precision and chaos. Whereas most of Slayer's contemporaries went soft (Metallica) went pop (Megadeth) went away (Anthrax) the almighty Slayer never ceased being Slayer.

Slayer has had multiple seasons in the abyss during their career, particularly recently. Bassist/singer Tom Araya had to have multiple vertabrae fused due to 30 years of damage caused by his trademark necksnapping headbang. Throughout their history, Slayer parted ways with and welcomed back phenom drummer Dave Lombardo about a half dozen times - most recently four months ago - always realizing that nobody NOBODY pounds the skins like Dave does. Last, but certainly not least, guitarist Jeff Hanneman died early this year from cirrohsis of the liver after a protracted battle with an incredibly Slayerish flesh eating disease - Necrotizing Facitis - caused by a hot tub spider bite.

And now the good news. Gary Holt, primary architect of the Bay Area thrash metal sound as founding guitarist (along with future Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett) of Exodus, has been standing in for Hanneman since his injury. Guitarist Kerry King is still the band's snarling pitbull, the personification of the Slayer's furious ethos on and off stage. Tom Araya (a practicing Catholic) still screams and growls with the same intensity that propelled all 28 blood curdling minutes of 1986's Reign In Blood legendary status. Current drummer Paul Bostaph has stood in for Lombardo three times already.

And now the better news. Superb French avant-thrash band Gojira will be opening the show. Gojira weaves rapid-fire noise sculpture riffs into atmospheric pop before crushing it with some of the most progressive and tasteful thrash metal ever put to wax. Not only are they truly brilliant, they are dedicated environmentalists, donating proceeds from albums and performances to action groups world wide, including basic cable's bumbling band of whale saving hippies Sea Shepherd of Whale Wars fame.

This will be a great show. Get there early and DO NOT miss GOJIRA. Tickets are about $40, and can be obtained at here.

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That's 1/2 Slayer , I had the chance to see the full crew them live with Megadeth, Anthrax and Alice in Chains back in the day. This is going to be a great show, specially 'cause Gojira will be opening the show.

Seeing them here in DC thanks to one of the local Heavy Metal fansites. FWIW, Anthrax is still around....

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