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Renovated Mirage Villa #10 YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th September 2013 8:27am
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VT reader Rick got bumped up to one of the freshly renovated jobbies and my oh my... you gotta see it to believe it.

My 2 brothers and I had a 3BR Villa booked at the Mirage and apparently the guy who had it didn't want to leave until about 8pm. Luckily for us, one of the Villa reps worked a great deal. She gave us Lanai #17, which is a 1BR Lanai to hang out in until ours was ready. Well, I got a call later with good news and bad news. Bad news = no 3 bedroom available. Good news = we can keep the Lanai free of charge and they will also let us stay in one of the two renovated 2BR Villas as well.

From what we were told, this Villa is not rented out. It is only given to those select view with a high enough credit line. I can confirm that when she showed it to us, they had a team of like 8 people taking off the outdoor furniture coverings. One of the housekeeping staff even asked "all of it?". Let me tell you, it is pretty large. Nothing like walking out your bedroom with coffee right into the pool. Everything controlled by an iPad. I mean EVERYTHING! (unfortunately didn't get the gas fire pit)

Hope you enjoy my amateur video. I realize now that I covered up the microphone with my finger like an idiot at times. Oh well, you would probably be better off without hearing my voice anyway.

He's posted a video on the YouTube here... in vertical letterbox edition and occationally muted booming baritone narration.

These villas are an incredible collision of modern sensibilities draped on brilliant Wynn architecture. This is what I had hoped Bellagio would've done with their standard room renovations from two years ago... a clean, elegant, classically modern and sexy.

Thanks for sharing this Rick!

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Super stunning. Shows me that MGM can do it right when they try. Agree with Chuck. Some of this should have rubbed off on Bellagio.

Unbelievable place! You guys are lucky. Much nicer than Rusty Griswald's Mirage suite.


Rewatched the video today after listening to Vegas Gang #99.00.

The Mirage Villa is truly spectacular. MGM's improving financial position may cause more of this superior quality at other properties.

I have a question which comes to mind every time I see photos of villas at Vegas properties: What kind of security is there? The expansive, private backyards with multiple entrances to the villa units appear to be ripe for break-ins. Are there individual alarm systems, and how does Security check the units without prowling around the guests' private spaces?

Well, in most of these properties, physical access would be pretty tough - image at Bellagio or Wynn, you'd have to climb up on top of the roof of the casino, for instance.

Mirage is interesting because they are ground level and sorta out back of the property. That said, they are inside an inner perimeter for the villas that is guarded so a person would have to be clever. I don't know what they do have other than high walls... There are butlers and the like roaming those areas often, plus I'm sure there are cams on the perimeter walls that look out, instead of in on the guests.

Still, lock your doors, rich people!

Mirage was the one I was thinking about exactly because of its ground level location. I remember driving in some driveway from Industrial Road and was able to get pretty close to the Villas area. Of course, this was probably in the early '90s. I'm sure things have changed since then.

When heading towards the Secret Garden, you can find the official "pool" entrance of the villas (worth a look just to sneak a peek at the grandeur of those hallways through the glass), but in regards to security, there are service entrances that lead right into the pool areas of the villas and lanais around the same area. I'm sure an alarm would sound if they were opened, but I'd still use the room's safe for all my valuables no matter what the level of accommodation.

The accomodations r expansive and stunning. So how long u guys stay here? Hopefully long enough to enjoy this magnificent villa. Thanks for sharing.

I posted a response earlier, but don't know what happened to it. Villa #10 has a single door in the high wall that surrounds the pool/patio. That is the door the pool guy used to come in and check up on it every morning. We went out the door to see what was there, and were the Villa was located was right near where BARE is. Other than that, there is the private gated entrance to the Villas where we pulled in from the airport, and the gold phone next to the door near the Fator showroom.

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