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Take A Peek Inside SLS Las Vegas Casino Floor

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 5:03pm
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SLS Las Vegas has stated that they will slot themselves into the market by targeting locals and tourists who fit the "just below luxury" price point, roughly equivalent to a four star rating.

So what does a "just below luxury" casino look like? This.

Low lighting. Grayscale, with burgundy and red accents. Painted drop ceilings with recessed can lighting. Chrome covered structural supports. Asian inspired carpet patterns with inlaid postcard art. Giant mouth shaped artwork mounted on the walls, probably signs for Umami Burger or related establishments. This opens up the possibility of "Sam's Lip Sconces" appearing on one of those nifty billboards around town.

But what about the casino? Yeah, it will look something like this:

Wide-board wood plank style carpet print (remember the nightclub flooring from a week ago?) with giant playing cards signifying casino gaming area.

Jose Andres' highly acclaimed restaurant Bazaar will have an outpost inside SLS Las Vegas. Bazaar will most definitely be the most talked about presence at SLS. Unlike Jaleo and China Poblano, Bazaar turns cuisine on its ear with experimental reimagining of traditional dishes presented in a tapas format. From creative cocktails to the chemistry of comfort food, Bazaar brings astonishing molecular cuisine to the masses. Just thinking about Bazaar's one bite Philly cheesesteak has me thinking about driving over there and ordering a dozen.

The magnificence of Bazaar deserves SLS designers Gensler's movie marquee treatment. It is doubtless that Bazaar's vestibule will consistently spill out into casino floor. I hope that the interior design of LV's Bazaar fixes the wonky and uncomfortable sourced-from-an-estate-sale-raid seating at the Beverly Hills restaurant.

"Life" in LEDs, coming soon to an Instagram near you.

Three of diamonds. Is that a bar to the back left? I feel like this is heading towards the Tangier's tower elevator. Or the Fred Segal ferret-lined grannypants boutique.

Much like the SLS in Beverly Hills, SLS Las Vegas will be hidden in a shroud of low lighting (these renderings have been considerably brightened) and tall floor to ceiling drapes. This appears to part of Nazarian's plan to "do a lot with a little" strategy to renovate the former Sahara. Large scale curtains cost considerably less than perfectly mounted, taped and plastered drywall, topped with curved moulding and baseboards and whatever paint or artwork might decorate it. Curtains do get dirty, dusty and smelly and will need to be replaced periodically.

Nine of clubs. The casino stools look like iMacs, they're quite wide. I wonder if the mirrored pillars could be used for cheating somehow. Is that carpet or an actual wood floor?

Despite its monochromatic palette, the details look clean, sharp and simple. As mentioned previously, the budget informs simplicity of materials and construction craftsmanship.

And to think how the unabashed redness at Encore caused half-witted pundits to point the bordello finger at Roger Thomas' brilliant reinvention of the Wynn aesthetic through an avant garde Asian lens. Forest for the trees.

There is little to mistake in these renderings of the SLS Las Vegas. A painting that says nothing but makes you have an epiphany about the meaning of life is art. A sign that says "Life" always says "Life." Hamburger lips? Time to eat. Postcard carpeting? This way to the gift shop. Playing cards embedded into the floor? This must be the casino. The language is simple and obvious with nary a reinvention, rethinking or redefinition of the 'just below luxury' experience hyperbolically promised. Like, literally.

sbe certainly deserves credit for rolling the dice on the epic craphole that was the Sahara into something shiny and clean. However it should be clear that Sahara to SLS is a major renovation, not the revolution of ideas sbe seems dead set on selling.

I think I get it now.

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Comments & Discussion:

Some quick thoughts:
-- Grayscales with pops of red seem very elegant to me. They're also the classic casino colors (found on cards, dice, roulette wheels, coins and illicit affairs).
-- The Quad also has a red/black color scheme, but the SLS seems more dramatic.
-- The curtains, high ceilings and general openess remind me of Atlantic City's Revel.
-- Which would hold up better? Hardwood floors or casino carpet?
-- Speaking of durability, how hard will it be to keep those pillars polished? (TWSS)
-- The bar looks a little minimalist for my tastes, but that's the modern way, right?
-- With chairs that wide, does that translate to fewer people per table game? Or are they just to accommodate my fat, flyover-state butt?
-- If I squint I can pretend those guys standing on the 9 of clubs are part of the Rat Pack. Speaking of which, the renderings offer up an odd mix of computer-generated models.

I hated to see the Sahara go instead of being renovated, but if this is what's coming in, I wouldn't mind as much.

Thanks for the peek inside. I'm skeptically optimistic about Sammy's project, but I do give him some pops for making his move. That being said, I hope there is some character or magnetic appeal that would make people want to come back again and again.

If chic don't work on the north end of the Strip, will the camels come back?

Good update, thanks. Loved dinner at Bazaar in Miami (truly unique molecular stuff as you mentioned), so will be interested to check this out since our current fav is Jaleo. Is the monorail access remaining as part of the reno? Have never checked out that end of Strip - only to Encore by foot and LVH by rail, so don't know quite how to get there.

I like how they are addressing the nation's obesity epidemic with XXXL chairs.

Every person depicted is wearing a suit or a dress. If one shows up in Aloha shirt, cargo shorts, flip flops, and fanny pack, will security be summoned?

Now if they could only get everyone of their guests to wear suits and cocktail dresses on the casino floor ...

There's nothing "just below luxury" about drop ceilings.

i will wear my vintage zoot suit when i visit here next year. anyone have any spare wolf's head canes?

@JohnH...agreed, although they may be necessary to "level out" the ceiling heights...I've heard they vary depending when the various areas were built.

I must say I like the inlaid graphics in the carpet. Hard to tell from the renderings if it's real hardwood or a pattern woven into carpet, but I wouldn't count it out...if not real wood, one of those engineered/laminate products.

Finally...I thought I heard somewhere the Fred Segal ferret-lined grannypants boutique was scrapped!

Love the playing card carpet

I like how that one woman by the LIFE sign is checking out that dude's ass. And I really hope the joint comes with that blonde by the bar, because WOW!

More seriously, what's with the lips in the wall? Are they taking design cues from Dio songs?


I'm with John H - the dropped ceiling reminds me of an airport... especially in the first picture.

As others have mentioned, what's with all the suits? When I'm on vacation, the last thing I want to be is surrounded by a bunch of corporate flunkies.

I did not realise Bazaar or Fred Segal was considered "near" luxury. What are they comparing it to, Joel Rubechon at The Mansion and Hermes?
Don't get me wrong, I hope the Save Lasvegas Strip does well and along with Resorts World will help to kickstart Fountainblu and get the North Strip into a better place, I just don't see, something in this price point doing well, across the street from The Worlds Largest Gift Shop, and The Travelodge.

My first thoughts were that the general aesthetic looked a lot like The Quad. Either way it will be good for the north strip. How good is yet to be seen but it certainly won't hurt and I'm looking forward to checking it out when it opens.

This is all well and good but the biggest question remains unanswered, how in the heck are they going to get people that far up the Strip?

Apparently the monorail station will reopen but haven't we given up on that ever being used for moving any serious quantity of bodies anywhere other than the convention center?

How to get people in the door? I suggest offering free bottle service at clubs (the 200 or 375 ML bottles) with every player's club signup and a nice chunk of free slot play on the person's second visit.

Hidden in the small print would be that the bottle service doesn't include admission to the clubs. And we all know Free Slot Play usually has about a 33%-50% return on the stated value. Still though, I'd make a couple trips for four - or seven - "free" drinks and a few bucks from a slot machine.

I have an unrealistic, rose-colored nostalgia for the Sahara and I do not like these mock ups.

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