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Nothing Says Merry Christmas Quite Like VegasTripping T-Shirts

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th December 2013 1:14pm
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If you haven't yet cleaned out your bank account via Black Friday, Super Saturday, Cyber Monday, Twenty Percent Tuesday or Wallbuster Wednesday please humor me as I launch our half-assed trial balloon of low quality merchandising by making our annual mention that nothing says happy holidays quite like the gift of a sparkly new VegasTripping t-shirt.

We've got a bunch of stuff to choose from, but figured we'd give special shout outs to "the basics."

You'd Look Great In This

To the left, the classic VT logo shirt. Kickin' Vickie has traveled the world on the backs of trippers, posing with celebrities, buildings, showgirls and tons and tons of smiles. To the right, we're offering for the first time the new VT Dunkin logo shirt, inspired by our obsession with donuts.

We've also got a cache of Vegas Internet Mafia schwag for that very special gangster in your life. And speaking of the smartest podcast on Steve Wynn's internet.

Happy Holidays!


Comments & Discussion:

Will you be selling suits that one can wear inside SLS when it opens?

My hunch-back posture requires a collared shirt. I wish more shirt sellers would realize that our aging (and girthier) population would be look better in collared shirts.

JeffinOKC - i will look into adding a polo shirt for your hunch (and girth).

screw that, you need a 31 podcast shirt instead:
Brandt Tobler has Vegas history and some crazy tales of his time here. Listen to the 31 podcast, more entertaining than those other podcasts in the trippies. 31 shoulda been in there.

^^ thanks for your support!

So we need a podcast to hear about someone else's crazy times, rather than other podcasts that help us decide how to make our own? I'm confused. And it's not even the eggnog. This time.

@BigHoss how many times have we had to tell you about posting while under the influence of gravy?

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