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M Resort DeiMagines Their Rewards Program

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th December 2013 2:49pm
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M Resort sent out a mailer outlining changes and upgrades to their rewards club.

The somewhat lousy name iMagine Rewards has been swapped out with the equally generic and perhaps confusing to Cosmotologists Marquee Rewards. The naming conventions only make sense when you know that Penn National owns a bunch of "Hollywood" branded riverboat casinos.

Marquee Rewards follows a similar four tier plan that most other Penn National Gaming properties use.

Marquee (0-9999 points)
Celebrity (10k-29.9k)
Producer (30k-124.9k)
Executive Producer (125k+ points)

Does this mean that Penn National has plans to saddle the gorgeous M Resort with the abominably horrible "Hollywood" name? Sweet baby Jesus wrapped in dirty Pampers and Cheetos fingers, let us hope, pray and rub our nuts together that they won't. If anything, Penn should be taking branding lessons from M, not the other way around.

Big thanks to VT resident narmwich blackjacker1979 for the tip!


Comments & Discussion:

The Hollywood casinos on the east coast all use that branding now to, so it was kind of inevitable that M would use it to. I hope they don't eff with the name. The hollywood casinos out here are nice and all, but not that nice. Well, check that. Two of them are nice. Penn National and Perryville, MD are nice. Charles Town is a smokey dump.

What is the M? The name conveys nothing. I don't even know what it's an abbreviation for. At least a casino named Hollywood offers the chance at some sort of regency or nostalgia.

As for east-coast Hollywood casinos, the one in Tunica was in the top half of that market in terms of quality, service, variety and size when I frequented the MS casinos in 2003. No idea how it has held up over the past decade.

M, I believe, was the first initial of the the original owner's surname: Marinelli.

Secondly, the conveyance of nothingness is perhaps less important than stamping your name, initial or blood type on a personal creation.

Actually it's Anthony Marnell, of the Marnell family who built the Rio.
May have been Marnelli back in the old country though.

...heir unapparent to the apple juice champagne dynasty.

actually it's Marcuchii..delinquent heir apparent to the dangling vowel.

Add "Icon" to that tier list soon!

The website says "There are four tier levels of Marquee Rewards excitement, plus a new, exclusive level waiting to be unveiled in 2014" -- so "Icon" or "Mogul" or somesuch is coming.

I stopped at Tunica during my holiday travels and got a card, then stopped by their St Louis casino, and evidently my points did not magically transfer over. I needed a new card at St Louis, and they had to manually move my comp dollars and points over. This doesn't strike me as an integrated program, but rather a unified marketing effort. No need to dream up different names, make different posters, or write different emails.

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