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You Won't Believe What The Rooms At SLS Las Vegas Look Like

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th December 2013 11:57am
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Feast your eyes on this... two renderings of two very different room products for the forthcoming SLS Las Vegas. For the daily rack rate plus a confirmed $20 per day resort fee at SLS Las Vegas you get this...

SLS Hotel Vegas Rooms

A hotel room straight from the early 1960's, when women had hips, cars had fenders, peaches were served with cream and ferrets weren't illegal. Light, delicate... the perfect place to seal the deal.

I'm skeptical about the bedside stand up make-up light mirrors. They cast great light in photos, but who wants a lamp pointed right at you when trying to read or just chill out. The full size wall mirror looks like an apartment closet door, although I do like the backlit border.

Criticisms aside, there definitely some interesting choices being made - peach fringe fade towards the ceiling, low lighting and headboard abutted to the window - but I doubt that these will make it to the final product.

And now, le pièce de résistance... join me please in stepping not into a suite located a stones throw from Stratosphere, Riviera and Circus Circus but instead through a door into a moment in history - the Franco-Austrian boudoir of 15 year old Marie Antoinette four years before she ascended to the throne.

SLS Hotel Vegas Rooms


SLS Hotel Vegas Rooms

Frankly, I'm speechless.

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Comments & Discussion:

Let them eat cake!

PS: I liked the early 1960's.

There's a mirror over that second bed...and there seem to be windows on both sides of the room, which, is impossible isn't it?
Love the mini-bar!

Wow. The first room looks like something out of Mad Men. You also expect to see Roger Sterling or Don Draper sitting on the coach having a post-coital smoke....

All the closets in my apartment have mirrored doors. It's ridiculous. I see myself when I get up in the morning, when I'm eating, when I walk in the door... Enough already!

Sweet. Now when the wife tells me to sleep on the couch I can just roll on to it.

The suite definitely stimulates the senses.

I need an Ativan before walking into that suite.

That mirror over the bed is giving birth to the "crooked missionary" position.

The first, well seems blah. The lighting is horrible. I would never touch lights like that near my bed, and the idea of sleeping with my head at the window looking at the lights bouncing off the drywall just says no. Also I think despite the pink there should be a bit more color somewhere. A pop of something. It's just very blasé.

The latter looks like something that SHOULD go into Paris. Again though there's no color. The lack of it in the furniture and the bland tones make it look like a NYC pre-war penthouse in the mid 80s. This isn't Starck to me and it isn't good.

I kinda like it... But it doesn't entice me to want to stay there.

So basically - in the more expensive rooms you get to look out the window. That's new. (In cheaper rooms, window looks at you!)

These roons are going to be a bitch too clean. In the first picture why is there a couch at the foot of the bed? Is that where the extra person in the room is supposed to sleep instead of the roll out bed?

I'd stay in the suite if I had the coin. As Blackjacker says, the suites could have been a high-end room in Monte Carlo, Paris or Cosmo. But the regular rooms don't do it for me.

I like the large seating area under the window in the suite bedroom. But before anyone gets too excited (ha!) about the over-bed mirror, remember how quickly tacky they became in places like the old Tropicana and Caesars/Harrahs rooms.

Women with hips, that's just fine. Mirror on the ceiling in such a creepy room, not so much.

Combined with the modern approach in the casino and public spaces, the room vibe is a little off. However, the suites are miles away from the property mojo if you ask me. Time will tell, perhaps.

It sort of reminds me of Barbie Dreamhouse on acid, mixed with some Cosmo design.

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