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Meet The New Monte Carlo Strip Entrance

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th December 2013 12:47pm
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Recently, MGM Resorts International published a handful of renderings of the forthcoming renovation of the Strip side frontage of New York-New York, Monte Carlo and a new aerial view of The Park.

The Hershey's store/advertisement outside of New York New York has grown infinitely more grand.

Word on the Strip is that the MnMs Store is shitting multi-colored bricks. I certainly hope that the Twizzlers are constructed like those flippy floppy air blown dudes commonly seen on used car lots. It even has the smokestacks like Hershey factory in Pennsylvania! All roads in Las Vegas will soon lead to the Hershey store, thus turning the Strip into The Hershey Highway. Hayoh!

Here's a view of The Park that includes The Arena out back.

The Park Aerial View

Peeping at the site plan we drew way back in April helps make sense of it all. It appears (for now) to be more about hanging out than buying stuff. I'm sure that will change. The trees have already been delivered in the lot behind NYNY. Go say hi.

The new Monte Carlo Strip-facing entrance.

Grand. Gorgeous. I love it. Either side of the entrance will feature open air dining under the canopy.

And then there's this thing on the south side...

And an identical one on the north side... (sbe's Double Barrel)

Clean, sharp lines, but it absolutely doesn't fit the Monte Carlo aesthetic whatsoever. Not even a little bit. This looks a generic retail space.

It is apparent that the vision is to make Las Vegas a little bit less like "Las Vegas" and a little bit more like master-planned city walk/open air shopping district. We've had multiple discussions about this subject recently... but would it hurt so bad to plaster the damn thing and add some columns, capitals and cornices instead of copy/pasting a Chipotle? You can still paint it maroon!

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Comments & Discussion:

Aria and MGM recently have upgraded their pylons to advertise their property. NYNY just makes its Hershey's store bigger. And isn't Hershey's a PA-based company? Ugh.

I do like the new Monte Carlo enterance (that's my fancified way of saying entrance), but I'm still mourning what used to be there, even if the fountain seemed like just a lot of dead space to the bean counters.

Finally, I do like that the Park isn't just a straight shot back to the arena, but has character and little niches that might be more peaceful. It might replace Bally's entry as my quiet place.

That "retail" space looks like Diablos, not sure if it is staying. I like this better than that thing Caesars is building!

I think I like it...all of it!

I like all of it as well. The Monte Carlo entrance is pretty impressive but how many bums do you think are going to make the Park a permanent home?

The Monte Carlo entrance is sharp, the Hershey's stacks a nod to "mini-theming", and the MSG-like Arena a good tie-in to NYC.

Get ready for people toting those 5-pound Hershey's bars up and down the Strip.

Another thing - anawas brought up a good point about the Park meandering. That is a nice touch, and it somewhat reminds me of the newer linear park that stretches down though the financial district to Battery Park in NYC. Good width, places to sit, mini-parks, etc.

I prefer the statues of Mercury runnin' away with Aphrodite and her bountiful breasts but I understand that the bean-counters need to monetize every possible square-inch of Strip frontage to payoff MGM's debt.

I like the entrance and count me as a fan of a Hershey flag ship style store on the strip, while I'm not sure the Strip is crying out for it, at least it's a fairly unique concept store (I know Niagrara has one and I think Times Square does too), but I'm tired of seeing standard retailers flop down their generic store concept on the strip, if you want me to come in, do something different with it.

Maybe we can call the generic red things on the south and north side Murren's boobs or something.

That Monte Carlo entrance is stunning, the effect of which is immediately negated by the terrifyingly generic retail spaces. It's actually kind of embarrasing.

Now back to NY, NY. I live in NYC and if I wanted to see a big retail Hershey's Store and Swatch Store, I'd just walk to my own Times Square.

I think we all agree, the new entrance is not as bad as we thought it would be. And I'm glad I still had a chance of taking more pictures of those fountains and statues before all this "new" happened. Oh well.....

Alright, I am biased towards themed resorts and the shitck that came along for the ride, so I am not a big fan of this retail expansion. Frankly, I cannot remember anytime I have actually bought stuff from a retail show which was not inside the resort. It is what it is and it's here to stay...for at least 10 years when some other trend transforms the strip. Man, I just want to gamble.

I guess I do not get it.
Isn't the Trop and Treasure Island doing a mall thing? Now this park with retail and the LInq.
Where is the tipping point? I haven't been to Vegas in a while, but I thought I read some where Crystals is still looking for tenants.

If they built a mega Wal*Mart in the middle of the strip, we wouldn't need all these boutique shops.....

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