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Tesla Superchargers Coming To Downtown Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 18th December 2013 2:15pm
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Tesla Motors announced a broad initiative earlier this year to construct a network of electric superchargers that would enable drivers of their all-electric vehicles to drive throughout the U.S. and Canada, for free, forever. As of today, the closest Supercharger to Las Vegas is located about 170 miles away - behind the Chili's restaurant south of Barstow in Lenwood CA.

Superchargers enable Tesla drivers to charge batteries roughly 20 times faster than standard public charging stations, replenishing 200 miles of range in roughtly 30 minutes.

The City of Las Vegas has approved construction of a bank of six Tesla Superchargers to be located at 701 E. Bridger Avenue, just blocks away from the intesection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Entrance to the parking garage is on 8th street, north of Bridger.

It is unclear whether these Superchargers will be accessible to the public or are for private usage by Downtown Project's fleet fleet of 100 Tesla Model S purchased in April. Tesla's Supercharger map shows a Las Vegas Supercharger is Coming Soon.

Other chargers in Las Vegas and points south towards Los Angeles include 4 at the Zappos campus, 2 at 6th and Bridger, 6 solar powered chargers at Clark County Center, 2 at Palazzo (ask at Valet), 1 at Bellagio, 2 Tesla chargers at Cosmopolitan, 1 at Mandarin, Aria and Crystals (ask Valet to charge car), 1 at Tesla Service Center 6260 West Badura Avenue and 2 at Whiskey Pete's in Primm.

Big thanks to VT reader James Reach from Oxnard for the tip and for bringing his Model S to VIMFP!


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I've seen a few Tesla's up here in MA. I'm interested to know how they perform in the cold. Earlier this week it was -2...

Heat kills a motor or electronics, not cold. They would probably struggle with the Vegas heat, just guessing though.

Hmm...I always thought that cold temps adversely affected the electric car's battery range.

Nonetheless, seems like a positive for Downtown. Tesla's "free for life" initiative is wild...Musk is certainly not living by many of our traditional rules.

Nice to see all those folks driving $85,000 cars will have chargers for when they're out at Whiskey Pete's

They are engineered for all weather use due to their battery pack's water circulated hearing /cooling system. Tesla Motors largest European customer base is "cold" Norway and they are doing fine there this winter. The heat is no problem for them either.

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