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Elaine Wynn Brings Home The Bacon

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th January 2014 9:01pm
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It appears that the lust for high priced art runs in the Wynn family. The New York Times is reporting that the unidentified buyer who paid $142.4 million bucks for Francis Bacon triptych Three Studies of Lucian Freud was none other than Ms. Elaine Wynn.

Yowza! Big bucks, but at three for the price of one, that pencils out to about $47.5 million each. What will $47,000,000 buy you at Wynn Las Vegas?

190,000 nights at Wynn at $250 per night... roughly from tomorrow until September 23, 2534.

3,958,333 bags of potato chips at The Drugstore at $12 a pop.

2 million nights worth of resort fees.

Losing 950,000 straight hands of $50 blackjack. On a single player table playing 24 hours per day, it would take approximately six months and 10 days.

Two 1981 10 year contracts for Dave Winfield to play for the New York Yankees.

872.1 U.S. citizens' portion of the national debt.

47,500,000 items from McDonald's Dollar Menu (not including tax).

5,000,000 lbs of actual bacon.

Now multiply that by three. That being said, Three Studies of Lucian Freud truly is a gorgeous set of paintings that fit the Wynn design aesthetic perfectly.

Meanwhile, Andrea Wynn just cancelled her subscription to Redbook.


Comments & Discussion:

$142.4 million? That seems to be about 5 percent of Clark County's annual budgeted revenue of taxes, fines, charges and permits through June 2014. Must be nice, Elaine.

This is so cool. Good for her!

$142 mil for any piece of art is warped, but hey, it's her money. Or his money. Whatever.

I wouldn't have paid more that 139.5 million for it. But hey, that's me, that's what makes me Al.

Aaah, she should've taken the Cosmo off Deutche Bank's hands instead.

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