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Aria's Gets A New Slogan, Commercials

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th January 2014 10:14am
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Aria has always had problems with their marketing. From bad slogans like 'city within a city', 'remember to breathe', 'words will fail you', 'the center of....' series to marketing photos of jackpot winners playing slots that weren't on to pointless billboards.

Late last year, they unveiled a brand new marketing campaign and slogan "This is how we Vegas™".

Two :30 second commercials have been posted to the YouTube. Let's have a look.

This Is How We Vegas™ - Red Velvet Pancakes

Breakfast buffet, pastries, coffee, orange juice and pancakes. Quite a spread, which I'm going to guess will cost about $300 via room service. Suddenly, the food launches into the air sending liquids flying in every direction. This is how we do Vegas.

The idea here is that going to Vegas is comforting and nourishing (the food) and dangerously exciting (the food flying) and you won't have to clean up the mess. Neat stuff.

The track is Baby by singer/rapper Spank Rock from his album Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar (not kidding).

This Is How We Vegas™ - Eco Chic

The words 'an eco chic', 'high tech sanctuary' are superimposed on a video of an orchid with videos of explosions are superimposed on its leaves.

The message here is just that... the excitement of nature and technology living together. The orchid symbolizes delicate beauty and purity.

The track is Running by Computer Magic from their Hiding from Our Time EP.

They've finally gotten the message right, but the slogan and the stupid trademark symbol make you wake up from the fantasy like a ferret bite to the groin, reminding you that you're being marketed at.

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Comments & Discussion:

1st video could be repurposed as a reminder to not order room service the day Harmon eventually comes down!

As someone who's back went out in Vegas and couldn't go out of my room at Aria for almost 5 full days (even to gamble or to strip clubs!), I can tell you the Aria room service food is very, very good for the price. You can call down and they will customize just about anything you order to your specific tastes!

Gotta ding you for an extra apostrophe in the headline, since you just mentioned it to someone else :)

Unless, that is, the headline is missing a word.

I hate to say it but I don't really like the first one at all...

Aria is meant to be kind of mysterious and suave. Giving it this "breakfast comfort food" feel really changes the attitude of the brand.

I know, I know, what matters is selling the place, but jeez, I LIKED the fact that Aria was darker, downtempo and kind of mysterious. It worked for my tastes.

The whole "warm breakfast pastries" thing just doesn't convey the vibe of the place. Not that there's anything wrong with warm breakfast pastries.

Mmmm. Red Velvet pancakes. We're probably going to end up at the ARIA buffet at some point on our trip in May. I've got a MyVegasSlots comp for it.

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