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News Brief's For January 17, 2014

By Misnomer on Friday, 17th January 2014 3:43pm
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Las Vegas News Brief's

Hard Rock Opens Dokken-Themed Lunch Counter

George Lunch

In a city weary of the ever expanding number of burger joints and pizza places, the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel is looking to start a new trend in Las Vegas casual dining by bringing back a great American institution - the dime store lunch counter. In keeping with the resort's hard rocking image, the restaurant will take the theme of one of hair metal's most iconic bands, Dokken. The band was known for their high vocal harmonies and blazing guitar solos, and also for their love of meatloaf and turkey club sandwiches.

George Lunch opens this spring.

Sudoku Publisher Stunned By Competitor's Sales Tactics

Marvin Applewhite, publisher of books containing the popular number puzzle game Sudoku, has seen a thing or two in his twenty-three years in the business, but nothing that could have prepared him for what he saw this week at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

"We're always looking to expand our market," said Applewhite, whose company, Sudokukachoo, Inc., is the fourth leading wholesaler of checkout lane, impulse-purchase, pamphlet-bound, adult puzzle entertainment periodicals in the southwestern United States. "We've got a very entertaining product that adults really seem to enjoy, and so when I heard about the Adult Entertainment Expo, I thought, yeah, that's where we need to be." But what Applewhite saw when he arrived at the convention stunned him, and now he's speaking out.

"Look, I'm no prude. And Sudoku is a sexy game. That's part of its appeal. But these girls, the vendors, the way they're dressed - how do I compete with that?" said Applewhite, who added that he intends to see the convention through to its end. "I'll tell you how I compete - math! Rotationally symmetrical game cells. Algorithms don't wear lingerie. Let 'em throw all the dirty tricks they got at me!"

Through Friday evening, Applewhite had sold three Sudoku books and purchased a limited edition Fleshlight.

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Having been at a convention or two with my company, where what we were selling didn't fit, I feel for Mr. Applewhite :)

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