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SLS Las Vegas Names Chinese Restaurant 'EB5-Noodles'

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014 8:46pm
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SLS has added EB5-Noodles to their list of forthcoming restaurants. EB5-Noodles is described as "authentic Chinese cuisine" so you can cancel your hopes for another China Poblano-style mash up from SBE Culinary Director Jose Andres, who will be opening The Bazaar (also being called Bazaar Steak in some internal memos) at SLS Las Vegas.

The name EB5-Noodles comes from the U.S. Government's EB-5 investment program, wherein they entice well heeled foreigners to pony up cash for approved investment projects in exchange for a visa. No, not a credit card, but a green card. Two Way Hard Three speaks from beyond the grave to tell us that SLS EB-5 applicants were asked to cough up about $500,000 each to participate in the program. SBE successfully raised $115 million dollars via an EB-5 Chinese investor roadshow starring amazing SBE CEO (and VT reader) Sam Nazarian, a Chinese website and a Powerpoint deck.

Damn straight those folks deserve a restaurant named after them. "Waiter, I'll have 'The Million Dollar Dandan Mian' please...oh and do you accept visa, small 'v'?"

Oh, and speaking of stuff named after people. VT's Vice President of Research Mac78130 alerted us to a new SLS Las Vegas One Sheet (two pages) that runs down some details of the property. SLS Las Vegas will feature 1,622 rooms and 252 (Sahara had 1,720 rooms) suites spread across three towers - Society Tower, Citizen Tower and Sam Tower. Yup. He named the tower after himself. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. We can imply that that the Society Tower will be a bit higher end and that the Citizen Tower will have lower rack rates and smaller rooms. So the Sam tower must be the pool facing party tower.

Casino will be 50,000 square feet and feature 800 slot machines and 80 table games. The Sahara had 85,000 square foot casino with 1050 slot machines and 79 table games. Cosmopolitan by comparison has 110,000 square foot casino with 1,478 slot machines and 101 table games, roughly the same percentage break out, but with SLS offering more table games.

Speaking of the SLS Casino, here's another rendering of the casino floor, one that is completely different from the previous rendering we analyzed.

SLS Casino Floor Render

Gone is the playing card casino carpet, the round mirrored pillars, potentially smelly curtains and faux-wood grain flooring... replaced with possibly Persian carpet, square mirrored pillars, black drop ceiling and Saturday Night Fever flooring. This is the second round of renderings that don't look like a Lamps Plus, but they do relate to the first round we discovered.

SLS Casino Floor Rendering Fred Segal

Detail of what is presumably the first in a slew of connected Fred Segal shops. Hopefully they'll grow ivy over the glass.

SLS Las Vegas Katsuya Rendering

Looks like the "Shot" casino bar with Katsuya by Starck Japanese restaurant behind it.

SLS Las Vegas Vetro

The sign appears to say "Vetro" which is one of ten bazillion brands SBE owns. It was formerly an Italian restaurant slash marketplace in Los Angeles that has since closed. Based on the shape of the doors forming a house structure... it must be Shelter nightclub... the house that is the home of the house music. Witty!

I think we might be starting to be able to piece together what SLS casino floor and layout might look like - basically the Encore square surrounded restaurants and bars. I present my a half-assed attempt to make a semi-educated guess.

SLS Las Vegas Vetro

The area near the sportsbook is a total guess, including the sportsbook. But it seems like a no-brainer for sportsbooks to be near fast food and Chinese food near Asian gaming (also a guess).

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Comments & Discussion:

Fuck your "authentic" cuisine. You want authentic Chinese cuisine, go to China. That's the only place that serves it.

^ although you can come damn close in Diamond Bar and Asuza.

I see 'em runnin' into the same problem as Cosmo, only worse. They won't have the walk-tru traffic that Cosmo gets for high F&B revenue and they also won't get the gamblers, because who wants to give their play to a 1-joint property? and they definitely won't get high-room rates at that location.

I'd hazard a guess that the Chop Suey hut is adjacent to da club, a la Tao. And Andrea's / Surrender. And Hakkasan.

You've really got to hand it to the focus group genius who discovered that any 23 year old dumb enough to pay $400 for a bottle of Grey Goose will also pay $40 for a plate of General Tso's.

I'm getting a bit excited to see how things turn out for the former Sahara, not sure we've seen such a comprehensive remodel of a casino/hotel, at least that I can think of. That of course ignores the things we think will force the place to struggle, but I will definitely be interested in seeing the finished product.

The name EB5-Noodles doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Vetro is better, as I probably could still pronounce it after a few drinks.

And naming something the Sam Tower is just odd. Speaking of which, I hope these are internal ways to distinguish the towers, as I sincerely believe people will be offended when the front desk clerk says "Sorry, sir, our Society rooms are sold out, but we can offer you a Citizen's room."

Sam, if you're reading this, I'd be glad to join your staff and help you rename ... well, everything. I'll do the hotel towers for free, my way: The Martin Tower, the Sultan Tower and, yes, the Sammy Tower.

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