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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SLS Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 27th January 2014 5:11pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, here is our latest, highly educated guess as to what the SLS Las Vegas property map will look like... right down to the placement of casino tables. Click here for the hi-res version of the below map.

There it is... let's take a walk around ok?


Guests visiting the SLS Las Vegas will be greeted by a gigantic chrome sculpture of a high heeled shoe before rolling up to SLS' Palm Springs styled porte cochere entry.

Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance features high gloss floors and during the daytime a flood of natural light. On either side of the main entrance are shops from the Fred Segal collection. The front entrance spills out into an intimate casino.

The Main Casino

The SLS Las Vegas has not one, but TWO casino floors.

The first Main Casino (above) is divided into 6 sub sections containing slots, video poker and table games, 8 craps tables, an Asian gaming pit and cozy high limit room. In the center of the casino is one of SLS' seven bars - The Shot Bar.

Taking a right through the casino, leads guests towards the three hotel towers at SLS (Citizen Tower, Society Tower and Sam Tower) and the hotel's registration desk.

The lobby is also home to two exits... rear self park and the VIP porte cochere, both of which are accessed by Paradise Road. The VIP porte cochere entrance features VIP check in and a martini bar. Two Fred Segal retail boutiques, The Grind Coffee Bar and Hollywood's home to the oversized pancake The Griddle Cafe round out reception lobby offerings.

The Rooms

The rooms at SLS will come in multiple flavors, from mid-century creamsicle...

...to French gothic. The resort fee will be $20 per night.

Heading back downstairs, we find Foxtail an indoor/outdoor nightlife experience that connects the casino floor to the pool deck.


The pool will feature a rectangular island in the middle, that will most likely act as DJ booth.

The Foxtail pool is surrounded on three sides by cabanas, bars and Fred Segal boutiques.

Returning to the casino, the far wall is lined by sbe brands - EB5-Noodles (adjacent to Asian gaming and High Limit room), Mercato du Vetro (Italian cuisine), Katsuya (Japanese/sushi) and 800° pizza joint.

On the Strip side of the casino floor is another group of restaurants from sbe's stable of brands... live music venue Sayers Club, purveyors of ultra rare burgers Umami Burger, a Papaya King hot dog stand and a sports bar. Facing the Strip will be a long al fresco Beir Garten.

A small entrance between Sayers Club and 800° leads us to Bazaar, but first...

Bazaar Casino

Bazaar Casino is named after what will most definitely be the star attraction at SLS Las Vegas, Bazaar from Chef Jose Andres. The Bazaar Casino is intimate, features a half dozen table games, 2 craps tables and an array of slot machines which spill into a circular lounge that sits at the corner of The Strip and Sahara Blvd. The Bazaar Casino will feature the playing card flooring designs seen here.


At the mouth of the Bazaar Casino is hallway that leads to the entrance of Shelter.


Bazaar at SLS Las Vegas will feature the same curvy curtains that demarcate dining spaces that The SLS Beverly Hills Bazaar does. The food will probably also feature mindblowing molecular cuisine for the masses the L.A. Bazaar does. Get the Philly Cheesesteak! Actually, order two.

Bazaar features open style seating as well as a small closed dining room for larger groups and possibly the Bazaar Steak mini-concept or the Saam tasting room, sort of like é at Cosmopolitan.

At the far of the Bazaar area will be No!, SLS Las Vegas' after hours nightclub, a slightly more intimate area where folks still looking to party as dawn begins to glow on the Las Vegas Valley.

So.... whaddya think?

Oh, and big huge massive thanks to VT VP of Research Mac78130 for providing us with such stellar education.

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Comments & Discussion:

Seeing this detailed site plan and now being able to place all the renderings, I am really excited for this project. Still not a fan of the Bazaar Casino, but it is better than some other casinos on the strip. I would actually stay here after seeing all of this, but I'd buy a monorail pass as there is no way in hell I'd walk from SLS to center strip. There have been times where I felt unsafe in front of Encore at night, let alone the area directly north. This could be a win/win for the monorail, SLS and the strip in general.. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Not perfect, but promising.

SLS looks a lot more promising and exciting than I had originally anticipated. An interesting observation is how much Sam Nazarian is trying to 'recreate' LA at SLS. Bazaar, Katsuya, the Griddle, etc. are all modern staples in LA, and the fact that he's copy-pasting all of them into a casino in Las Vegas is a very interesting move. It's quite obvious (and much discussed at this point) that Sam is really trying to attract the young 20s/30s LA demographic that made his properties/restaurants in LA so successful.

Looks promising and plausible. They still have some serious obstacles to overcome in location and room size, but it appears they are doing the most with what they have. HRH and Palms were able to make it work (for awhile) with their locations, so maybe this is a possibility. The Stratosphere seems to be ok with its location, but it is more of a value property. Reminds me of the Downtown Grand's current situation being a hip property but a block off of Fremont. They might be able to generate enough buzz to get it going, but will the headwinds be too much in the long run.

Two things:
1-I don't see any restrooms. Will there be no pissing at SLS?
2-Will Nevada SPCA/Humane Society allow ferrets to be housed that close to a pool? As I hear it, they don't swim.

It looks promising but Sam is stiil going to have a problem getting people down to that part of town since most will have no interest in walking past the carcass of Fontanbleu. When Sahara was open I felt safe walking in that area but now it's way too open. Sam could have a winner by offering shuttle rides from let's say near Fashion Show Mall to SLS and back.

In the first room rendering, is the headboard of the bed up against the window? And if so, is that the only window in the room? I don't mind the placement of the bed, but if that is the only way to look out of the room, it may start feeling a little tight. Other then that I like everything.

I'll wish 'em luck for at least tryin' to put up a nice property at that location. I'm just glad it's not my money at risk. Not sure why Sam didn't just buy the Cosmo!

I like some of the concepts and just off strip (think HR/Palms) or right in the middle (Cosmo) I think this would be a solid triple if not a homerun. I just don't see it maintaining that haute glow where it's located.

Having said all that, they cannot possibly be serious about the shoe can they? How in the world do you blatantly mimic somethings from Cosmo, espcially since the shoe at Cosmo is barely a blip on the hip radar.

Forgot one other thing, love what they are doing with the pool, given the previous location of hte pool, it didn't take much imagination to really trying to incorporate it into the property, glad to see that they decided to do so.

I like having two casinos. One for the masses; one for the clubbers (and me).

The rendering of the lobby, however, looks like a sports book, which is ironic considering that your floor plan has no provisions for a sports book (or a poker room). Speaking of the floor plan, where is the monorail station?

Speaking of the monorail, that's an easy hook for SLS could use to lure new customers: Play for an hour (or eat/drink/club for an hour) and SLS will "validate" your monorail pass.

Like most of the folks who've commented, I'm looking forward to seeing this come to life. Great work by VT and the crew...nice to have a look into concepts like this one.

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