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North Is The New South Dept.: We're Getting A Walgreens!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th January 2014 12:09pm
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Proving SLS Las Vegas' marketing slogan 'North Is The New South' might hold a bit more water previously thought, VT has learned that a group controlling the property on the northeast corner of Sahara Blvd and The Strip is planning on building a mixed use shopping mall.


The proposed building will feature 25,000 square feet of leasable space on two floors and be wrapped on the outside by a 137 foot tall LED sign. 42% of the space has already been leased by Walgreens.


This property has undergone numerous changes over the years including a 2005 stint as proposed Ivana Las Vegas, an 80 floor condotel super tower. The project was shuttered when financing collapsed in 2006.

I'll bet this Walgreens is gonna sell a lot of beer, styrofoam coolers and ferret sunscreen.



Comments & Discussion:

Looking forward to the day when any man or woman can wake up in Vegas and not be more than 1/2 a block from a CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aide.

Now if they would just add one to the Wynn Esplinade and a mini one for the MGM Skylofts, I would just die of excitement!

nice to know they closed down vegas's 1st microbrewery 11 years ago and are finally replacing it with a store that sells beer.

I think I'm gonna puke!

Oh I am making the walk/buying the monorail ticket to get THERE!

Walgreens and CVS just want to be as popular as Starbucks.

I counted 'em up. You know, for science. According to each company's store locators there are:
4 Walgreens on the Strip and another 5 near the Strip.
2 CVS stores on the Strip and another 7 near the Strip.
29 Starbucks on the Strip and another 26 near the Strip.

You know why there are so many Walgreens in Vegas? The hookers need somewhere to buy their condoms and they don't like to walk far.

..and the Johns need a place to buy products to kill the "gifts" left on them by the hookers. Perfect business model!

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