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Architectural Digest Profiles Steve Wynn's New NYC Apartment

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th February 2014 12:32pm
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The March 2014 issue of Architectural Digest features a stunning eight page pictorial of Steve Wynn's new apartment in New York City.

Wynn NYC

The apartment, designed by Wynn Resorts VP of Design Roger Thomas, is festooned with abstract paintings by Willem De Kooning, Andy Warhol's portrait of Steve Wynn (the red one), Roy Lichtenstein, Lari Pittman and multiple paintings by Wynn favorite Pablo Picasso.

This article is essential reading for all Wynn/Roger Thomas fans, not only to take a sneak peek inside of Steve Wynn's NYC apartment (he's got mirrors over the bed) but to possibly shed a ray of light on what an "Urban Wynn" might look like, minus the quarter billion dollars of paintings of course.

It is also interesting to note how close his apartment design trends towards his hotel's suite decor - banquettes, bar seating, billiards and "butter." Every room in Steve's hotel has to be good enough for Steve to stay in.

Big thanks to VT superfriend JakeZ for the tip!


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Either Wynn or Thomas is a mothafuckin' damask stripe lovin' mothafucka, but I think he's taken it too far this time. That looks less like stripes and more like shadows.

Nice, as is all Roger Thomas' work, but to me looks like a step down from his Villa digs at Wynn. Besides NYC is all taxes and Big Gulp bans.

The Big Gulp ban got overturned as unconstitutional.


I wonder why Roger put so much blue in the design. I dont think Ive seen anything at Wynn Las Vegas that was blue.

I just read the article....apparently its because the Wynns are happiest on the Yacht and the blue reminds them of the sea.

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