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Hakkasan Hotel Coming To MGM Grand

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 14th February 2014 12:33pm
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Sources are telling us that MGM Resorts International, owners of almost everything on the west side of The Strip, have reportedly inked a deal with Hakkasan Limited to expand their brand footprint at MGM Grand from vibe dining night club to becoming a hotel within a hotel.

The proposed Hakkasan Hotel would move in and take over a portion of one of MGM Grand's four hotel towers - West Tower, South Tower, North Tower or Grand Tower.

Judging by proximity, slicing off part of the West Wing makes the most sense, dress up the West Wing elevator lobby and give the rooms a mysterious Asian themed makeover, a la Nobu Tower at Caesars Palace.

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Comments & Discussion:

West Wing rooms are pretty small (350 sq ft); the old Marina rooms. I'd bet on South Tower.

Caesars forked over their smallest rooms to Nobu. I don't see any reason why MGM wouldn't do the same. High rollers will stay at SkyLofts etc, five to a bottle rank and file club goers don't give a crap about the room size... they'll be at the pool during the day and club at night.

Yep, that would be where the old Marina is inside the building.

It would make almost no sense to convert the Grand/North/South Towers as they just underwent a major remodel. The West Wing sucks period, but considering it is closest to the clubstaurant, and hasn't seen any upgrades in 10 years, it is due for something. Besides the club goers will appreciate a slightly shorter drunken stumble up to their room, and since the West Wing rooms get as much sun (and are the same size) as a broom closet, they can have it nice and dark while they nurse their hangovers.

those west wing rooms are pretty horrible... i got an "upgrade" to one a few years ago. I still can't believe that for a while they were charging more for those than the regular rooms.

I'd take a room at The Quad or Hooters before I stayed in the West Wing ever again. Roaches and cigarette burns to me is better than low ceilings and practically no window.

Quick way for MGM to get the West Wing rooms refurbed before Hakkasan goes belly up. Not sure how the club is doing, but the Hakkasan restaurant is an epic failure.

i don't think the club is doing well either

Heading out to Vegas at the end of March and was thinking of trying Hakkasan's out - You guys saying don't bother?

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