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Guns N Roses Returns!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th February 2014 3:03pm
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AEG Entertainment announced this morning that Guns N Roses will be returning to The Joint at the Hard Rock for a three week long, nine show residency spring 2014.

The run, entitled No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction features the same line up as last year and promises "all new production" and all the hits plus some rarities.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding the provenance of the current line up of posers pretending to be Guns N Roses you cannot deny the amazing repertoire of songs they'll detonate every night.

Wed May 21, Sat May 24, Sun May 25
Wed May 28, Fri May 30, Sat May 31
Wed June 4, Fri June 6, Sat June 7

Tickets are $49 plus tax, tags and resort fee and can be had here.

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Comments & Discussion:

Crap! I was really hoping the dates would be the same as VT10

I have mixed feelings about this incarnation of Gn'R, but I can't help but notice it takes them 3 guitarists and 4 guitar necks to cover Slash's lead on 'Nightrain'. Seems...inefficient.

Me too DM, was really hoping for it to align with VT10, as Misnomer's point, I also agree that I wouldn't quite call it GnR, but then again if it was, tix wouldn't be $49. I'd pay that for Axl to sing along with a cover band.

Also if you are on HR's email list, you likely got a presale notice yesterday for the shows. Now whether that 'presale' is more like sale open to everyone or not, could be an issue, but wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Dizzy, Tommy Stinson, Richard Fortus, Chris Pitman, have all been in the band longer than Slash, Duff, Izzy, Adler. I have no problem calling this band Guns N' Roses. I went to the last show of the residency last time and had a blast ! Played for almost 3 hrs. Thinking about going this time too, as I'm heading back to Vegas in March. Might have to book another trip end of May.

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