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The Great Harold Ramis

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th February 2014 11:07am
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Harold Ramis

Today, we've lost one of the true greats - writer, director, actor Harold Ramis. Perhaps you've seen one of his movies, Ghostbusters, Back To School, Stripes, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day or maybe National Lampoon's Vacation or Animal House.

Harold Ramis was a genius. A brilliant filmmaker, comedic actor, producer and creator who somehow managed to give comedic megaphone to misfits in an era when conformity was paramount, particularly in the big budget business of motion pictures.

In Stripes, Harold and Bill Murray starred late 70's flunkies who join the Army and manage to use their proclivity for breaking the rules to accidentally become heroes. A party, for me?

In Animal House, the overachieving underachiever Delta Tau Chi fraternity is targeted for expulsion from Faber College, but fight the powers that be with hysterically creative asymmetrical warfare. Who delivered the medical school cadavers to the alumni dinner?

In National Lampoon's Vacation, bumbling father Clark Griswold drags his family on a cross country road trip only to find out that their destination is closed for the season, whereupon the disrespected Dad finally reaches out and grabs some respect. The moose outside shoulda told ya!

And then there is Caddyshack, the greatest golf movie ever made... a subversive, multi-layered tale of the haves vs. the have nots set within the confines of the Bushwood Country Club. As the great philosopher Basho once said "a flute with no holes is not a flute. And a donut with no holes is a danish." Hopefully that explains this.

The pages of this website are littered with quotes from Harold Ramis films - his wit oozes through every pixel of VegasTripping. We are the misfits and Harold Ramis was, and will always be, our big toe.


Comments & Discussion:

Very sad day, I was a big fan.

They took the bar! The whole fucking bar!

Very sad indeed. All of those movies provided tons of laughs to me and my friends. That's just as true today as it was growing up.

Ramis didn't speak my all-time favorite movie line but I hope he wrote it.

Captain Stillman: Have that removed.

It is great to see that my children enjoy his work as much as I do. Every one of these films still make me laugh out loud. Rest in peace Harold Ramis. You will not be forgotten.

Recruiter : Now, are either of you homosexuals?
Bill Murray { looks at Ramis } : You mean, like, flaming, or...
Recruiter : Well, it's a standard question we have to ask.
Harold Ramis : No, we're not homosexual, but we are *willing to learn*.

R.I.P. and thanks for a million adolescent laughs.

Ramis lived here in Chicago and was always seen around downtown doing something. I ran into him one day but left him alone since he was walking with friends. He will be missed greatly.

Does no one remember SCTV?

I remenber SCTV where Ramis debuted as Moe Green (yes, from the Godfather) who would call people at 3 am so they could answer a question and win a whole $1.45. That was where I first saw him.

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