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How To Fix Harmon In Four Easy Steps

By Misnomer on Friday, 7th March 2014 3:18pm
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ConExpo, the massive construction trade show, rolled in to Las Vegas this week, bringing with it some of the world's largest construction companies, and millions of dollars worth of heavy construction equipment. Which got us thinking, couldn't they do something about the Harmon to keep it from falling over?

Step One

Dig up the useless concrete support poles down at the SkyVue site. That thing's never going to happen anyway.

Step Two

Truck them down the Strip.

Step Three

Erect the poles on either side of the Harmon.


Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!

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Comments & Discussion:

Or they could use the SkyVue pylons as a giant slingshot and hurl giant flaming fireballs at the Harmon.....

Someones been playing a bit too much with Legos with the children

Just do what the Landlord of One Time Square did, use it as a giant electronic billboard.
Only Tenants are on the ground floor and the rest is gutted. Still manages to bring in $25,000,000 a year in ad revenue alone. It's not like MGM is going to do anything better with that land anyway, and I doubt a CVS or Walgreens no matter how big could make the landlord more than what I am proposing.

There's a Walgreen's across the street and there's a CVS at the south end of CityCenter between Mandarin Oriental and Monte Carlo. MGM has been using the Harmon as a giant billboard for years as it is.

You forgot that Spud always comes by and messes up anything that Bob completes successfully. Or maybe it just needs to be moved to the tri-state area....

Duct tape them to the sides. Duct tape friggin fixes anything,

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