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sbe Launches Alternate SLS Website

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 19th March 2014 3:56pm
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sbe entertainment has launched a different version of the SLS Las Vegas website, under the corporate domain name. More renderings, hype and more praise for a hotel that isn't open yet. Oh, and there are celebrity photos too.... LOOK it is the GUY FROM ENTOURAGE! YES!


And peep this hotel room. A peekaboo shower done up in banana colored tile in the closet... behind the headboard.... comedy!


Thanks VT VP of Research Mr. mac78130 for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

They've done a similar thing with their new restaurant at Monte Carlo, Double Barrel.

wouldn't the shower being so close to the bed increase the chances of mildew after the first day there?

You can pee into the shower without even leaving the bed. They've thought of everything!

In the yellow rooms, is that a giant mirror behind the bed that reflects the entire bathroom - which would then be located at the foot of the bed? Otherwise, it looks like it might be hard to get to the sink.

Also, it looks like there are still mirrors above the beds in these rooms, too. http://sbe.com/galleries/sls-las-vegas/#slide6 In fact, there are mirrors in every room category -- I guess to amuse the magpies and peacocks.

@anawas...I was wondering the same thing about the mirrored wall. I think you're right, that bed is up against a full wall of mirror.

Also, I hope someone remembered to leave a good size block of rooms in a more traditional layout (two beds, bathroom behind a door) for conventions. They've got a lot of convention space to sell and will need blocks of standard rooms they can sell with it.

@anawas... nope. Left of the yellow shower is a floor-to-ceiling mirror which shows reflection of bed base/headboard and the window on opposite wall, at foot of bed.

All kidding aside, this is one messed-up rendering.

Anybody know where the toilet is or did they paint the shower yellow on purpose to cover up its "other" function?

So if I get a room like this, is it OK if I move the bed in case I want to watch TV? Otherwise, I have to turn my head to see it..unless I'm in the shower behind the bed, then I can see fine..are there no chairs or other furniture in this room? Can't tell..

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