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Ghost BC's Mandalay Bay Vacation

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th April 2014 11:54am
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Satanic pop band Ghost BC, teamed up with Noisey to produce a faux "behind the scenes" video of lead singer Papa Emeritus II Vegas experience.

In the video, we follow Ghost from a record signing in Arizona to their show at the HOB with a top-down drive down the strip and a sexy pillow fight in Papa's suite at Mandalay Bay.

Hailed by Metallica's James Hetfield has his favorite new band, Ghost BC melds overdriven gothic pop with the Satanic ethos and appearance invented by Mercyful Fate singer King Diamond. Fun for the whole family.


Comments & Discussion:

Pillow fight starts at around 3:30. You're welcome.

Thanks for sharing Chuck, after watching some of the video, I had to listen to some of the tracks and look up more on the band, I'm trying to decide whether I really dig the music, or if the 'act' is having an influence on me.

I have mixed feelings on the act, not so much for the content of the act, but just the act itself, I've never been able to get into the band as an act concept.

Jinx - i agree with you. i heard the records before seeing the act. the in concert act is great... the viral video creation act is sorta stupid and degrades the band. the first record is great.

I'm definitely going to check out the music more, I'm definitely intrigued and the concert video does look very cool. I guess maybe there is a part of us getting older though and not liking the viral video marketing.

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