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Bourdain Does Vegas (Again)

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th April 2014 3:18pm
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It is hard to think of a better way to spend 4/20 than booze, bong hits, Bourdain and Vegas. Yes kids, Bourdain is back in Vegas. With Ruhlman in tow too. He's swapped his previous home in a spartan Wynn Panoramic with a Caesars villa... rendering, in Vegas terms, the difference between his Travel Channel and CNN shows.

He's written up a preview. Here's a taste.

The very nice people at Caesars Palace, well acquainted, no doubt, with Ruhlman's reckless ways at the blackjack tables, gave us a "villa" for a week. If you don't know what those are - don't worry, I didn't either. You can't rent them. They don't "exist" on the web site. When my wife paid me a surprise visit in the middle of the shoot, the front desk expressed total ignorance of even the existence of such structures. But they are there. Massive, colossal maximally luxurious homes, buried right under the noses of the unwitting masses. Multiple bedrooms, living areas, game room, screening room, outdoor fire pits, pools, hot tubs, silent butlers who appear from nowhere to inquire if the gentlemen would like a cocktail, a snack, a couple of giant porterhouses.

And here's the rest and here's a clip.


Thanks to VT superfriend middleclassbuzz for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm surprised CNN stopped covering the missing plane to show this but cool.
Of course, these are on the (Anthology Suites) website and you can rent them, but hey
non Vegas obsessed people wouldn't know that.

At the time they filmed this, Caesars had not introduced Anthology.

I was going to watch this last night but CNN had more plane coverage. Luckilly I found it on demand and the episode was interesting at best. The suite stuff was a bit much but the rest of the show was good especially the viewpoint of a Vegas resident. This did have a skimmed over feel to it though since he kept things moving.

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