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VIMFP: The Host Hotel Announcement #VIMFP

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th May 2014 9:38am
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By now, you've probably seen the VIMFP announcement, if you haven't... well you owe it to yourself to do it now. I'm a professional thumb twiddler.

Last year, the comment I most heard from folks about VIMFP - other than sincere expressions of gratitude coupled with drunken proclamations that VIMFP was "the best weekend of my life" - was that they couldn't see us moving the event to another location.

It didn't take more than six weeks of post-VIMFP recovery before ideas started bouncing back between me and Hunter about the 2014 edition (v4.0!) of the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. Our goal each year is to have a blast, maybe a little bit louder and a whole bunch weirder than the year before. Every year we stare in disbelief at each other at the end of the weekend and ask... is it possible that this VIMFP can get any better? We'll never know, but we both agreed with the VIMFP community that there really was no other venue we'd rather partner with than The D. Derek and his amazing staff at The D went above and beyond last year... he truly gave us the keys to everything he owned.

We are truly beyond stoked to announce that the 2014 edition of The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic will take place at The D Hotel & Casino on October 17, 18, 19th 2014. There will be tons of events, meetups and other goofy shit happening throughout the weekend, all anchored by The Main Event a live entertainment extravaganza featuring Vegas Gang Podcast, Stump Dr. Dave, podcasting superstars Five Hundy By Midnight and the insanely fun VegasTripping Match Game game show finale on Saturday October 18th.

Over the coming weeks we will be making tons of announcements... so sit tight and watch this space for details.

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Hotel discount codes? Forgive me if I've missed them in another tweet/announcement!

For those that have regular offers from the D that arrive by snail mail, as of today at least, if you call the October offers seem to be in the system.

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