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The Flamingo Takes Its Teeth Out

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th May 2014 11:55am
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Speaking of filth, this is what the Flamingo looks like when it takes its teeth out. And by teeth, I mean Osmonds building wrap.

VT scribe JohnH - who took the photo - describes it thusly:

If the Soviets had had casinos, I imagine they would look like this by now.

Fun like a gummy hummer.

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Comments & Discussion:

It reminds me of some of those old factories with those huge walls of broken windows!

I popped my Vegas cherry with a stay at the Flamingo. Sad to see it crumbling by the day...

She was a beautiful lady. But that was decades ago.

Did a tornado just have a go at the Flamingo?

Now it looks like an abandoned warehouse

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought they would never say this but...I prefer the Osmonds?

Got married at the Flaming-O and now it looks like crap... my marriage has fallen apart too, maybe it's kismet

Believe me, it looks even worse in person.

My question is, has the new wrap already been designed and printed, or can it be designed in a way to be sure all the failed, scuffed, dirty spots are covered by their design?

That looks horrible...

I've seen Chinese Sweatshops (literally) that look more inviting.

I know CZR is busy wrecking the front of Bally's and disinfecting much of the IP, but really... It's one of their signature brands (Arguably more LV iconic than Caesars itself), can they at least polish the place up a little?

My next comp night was a Forum Tower room at CP or a Go Room here (Stayed in one about 5 years ago), so glad I didn't choose the Flamingo.

A textbook example of, "Let's save some money and keep this wrap up about a year too long to bake in the sun and onto the facade of the building." I'd noticed D&M baked on last summer and hated to think how much of the building was going to come off with them. Now I know. (The TripAdvisor reviews aren't kind in re: to the view from these rooms, as one can imagine. Apparently it looks worse looking out than it does looking in.)

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