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The Hakkasan Hotel at MGM Grand

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 9th May 2014 5:22pm
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In February 2014, VegasTripping reported that MGM Resorts International had inked a deal with Hakkasan Limited to develop a Hakkasan hotel at MGM Grand. A month ago, the two companies publicly announced their partnership in less concrete terms via the creation of MGM Hakkasan Hospitality with the express goal of extending brand reach to non-gaming locales world wide.

They made no mention of an actual hotel, in Las Vegas or otherwise.

When I first heard the rumors, I fired up the property map, peeps the PR beauty shot and studied the aerial view to try and deduce where a Hakkasan Hotel at MGM Grand might best be located. Would MGM go cheap and rebrand of one of the hotel wings? Slice and dice the Skylofts for Hakkasan? Or get out the wrecking ball and build something new? I came to the conclusion that MGM would rebrand and enhance the West Wing (aka Marina rooms) with an Asian theme. As it turns, out I was right.

MGM will be building a new Hakkasan branded hotel tower in two segments.

The first is an expansion of the south half of the West Wing, which will rise approximately two floors above the lowest Skyloft patio and expand south to abut the existing casino podium, engulfing the small desertscape courtyard.

The second segment is an angular, Vdara-inspired, bi-level, dual adjoining tower which starts at the West Wing elevator shaft and dog legs southwards along The Strip, rising to its apex at the mouth of the pedestrian bridge to New York-New York. The lower floors of the Strip facing building will feature outdoor dining areas, bars and probably more nightlife options. The new tower expansion will be about as tall as the existing, renovated MGM Grand marquee at its apex with curtain wall using a green version of Hakkasan's Tetris pattern. A large HK logo will emblazoned on the east tower in yellow. The existing MGM marquee will be modified once again, with the right sign posts removed and MGM logo resized to fit atop the existing LED screen.

Rebuilding this portion of MGM Grand certainly fits in with MRI's urban planning motif, extending what is happening on the opposite side of the street over to MGM's front door. Restaurants will be opened up to Strip views, visibility increases, rents go up. Aesthetically, doing the glass curtainwall a la Hakkasan isn't my cup of tea, but if this is the price MGM has to pay to feed the whale (Hakkasan) while driving their hooks in deeper, (a la CityCenter / Dubai World) then go for it.

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Comments & Discussion:

That's bizarre... Why not just turn Monte Carlo into Hakkasans? Or better yet rebuild the Harmon? I understand the financial reasoning but they're killing the MGM strip presence. (Nice view from Hooters though!)

I wonder if this means they'll give rainforest cafe the boot too...

Fascinating. I assume the structure supports this expansion?

When you said " approximately two floors above the lowest Skyloft patio " I was perplexed as to why they would screw over the $6000 a night Skyloft with the balcony and all of the Skyline Terrace Suites by blocking their view. The picture makes total sense.

This just looks weird

Naming hotels after nightclubs, what a trend. Will the next tren be naming them after Celeb Chef's? The Guy Fieri Donkey Tower at the Quad or the TGIFriday's floor at The Orleans?

^ dude. Nobu.

Forgot that one and so it begins. Maybe there will be a Waffle House tower ar Excalibur!

Would be shocking, the folks at MGM have made it clear they do not want to add hotel rooms to Vegas. They will rebrand one of MGM's existing towers to Hakkasan, they won't build a new one

What is the desertscape courtyard?

If as skywise points out the Rainforest cafe does get the boot, can we film a Sara Mclachlan style segment for all of the abandoned animatronics and put it up on VT?

+1 to Jinx.

I actually think relocating a refurbished Rainforest Cafe to the kid-friendly Circus Circus could work if Vegas really still needs a Rainforest Cafe. But why do I think the Rainforest Cafe will find a new home somewhere deep in the TI, instead?

I could actually see them moving it to MB, Excal or Luxor, with Luxor and MB topping my list, I have to imagine that a big challenge of Luxor and MB is foot traffic from the strip and while I know most don't think of RFC as a destination restaurant, I'm curious if it's a big deal for some of the families that come Las Vegas (even if it's dad's best job at placating the family, in order to ease his guilty conscious of sneaking out at night to gamble).

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